2010Mar 16

SPAD 4th Year Field Trip – Presentations Begin

SPAD and the San Jose Earthquakes

After a long flight on Saturday the student groups started doing their practice presentations on the ground in San Jose. Sunday saw students working furiously on their projects and then stepping in front of the panel of faculty and graduate students to practice their presentations. Some individuals on the panel started to be referred to as Simon or Simone Cowell (- hmm wonder who that was?) . Truly the experience was a boot camp for the students but all of the criticism was aimed at getting them more than ready to step in front of the real audiences  – their clients – the sport organizations. So after many hours in the “boardroom” in the hotel in San Jose, SPAD students started their presentations on Monday. The first group to present was the group who worked on a project for the San Jose Earthquakes. The student group included Nicole Thebaud, Jan Egert, Steven Rachkowski, Erika Campbell and Erin Vagnini. They were supervised by SPAD Faculty Dr. Tony Church and Prof. Tyler Aird. According to Dr. Church, the students’ presentation was well received by the Earthquake administration and included a lively discussion of the students’ ideas for the club. After the presentation there was  tour of the Earthquakes’ facility (which got 2 thumbs up from Steve and Jan the soccer experts) and then the customary celebration with faculty members after all was said and done. What a great kick off to the Field Trip presentations!!

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