2010Feb 20

Shawn Upson: Whistler Olympic Shift 4

By Shawn Upson, SPAD 95

After surviving the throngs of Vancouver the last couple of days it is actually a relief to come back up to Whistler. It’s busy up here too, but a “good” busy. It has a real excitement to it without feeling overwhelmed to the point where you can’t even get anywhere.

I’ve commented in the past about my “commute” to Whistler from south Surrey, and it is no small feat. For those who don’t know Van, I’m about 40 kms south east, right near the US border. My journey consists of bus-train-bus-coach, for an average of about 3 hrs travel time. That might sound a bit onerous, but given my one-man entertainment machine of movies, music, games and books (not to mention naps) it goes pretty quick. And then there’s the view. I’ve spent 3 hrs stuck sitting on the highways of Toronto, and the QEW this is not. This clip shows some of the view of the ocean right along the Sea to Sky Highway, I think the name is pretty self explanatory. You’ll also notice a ferry cruising through the water on a beautiful sunny day. All in all, I think you can see why I don’t mind the trip.

Up at Whistler things are just as gorgeous. It’s about 6 degrees and perfectly sunny, and it’s the first day I can actually see the peaks. One of the highlights today is a free performance in the Village Square from a little band you might have heard of — the Barenaked Ladies! It was so funny to hear the Aussies I’m working with ask “is this some kind of adult entertainment show”? As anyone who has seen BNL live knows, one of the best things about their show is the crazy chit chat that they come up with between songs. For example I give you Exhibit A, which can only be described as “The Whistler Rap”

the rest of Shawn’s post and more video can be found on his blog

Thanks to Shawn for continuing to share his Olympic Experience with all of SPAD, it is almost like we are all there with him.

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