2010Feb 19

Shawn Upson: Stephen Colbert and Syrup suckers

By Shawn Upson, SPAD95

Colbert Comes North

As I wrote last week, one of my “Olympic Mandates” was to see Stephen Colbert, and you can cross another goal off the list.

I got to False Creek Park Wed morning at 8:45 am and there was STILL a crazy mob there waiting, which continued to grow and takeover the entire park:

I’ve read some estimates that as many as 6,000 of us syrup-suckers and ice-holes (Colbert’s words, not mine!) showed up to cheer on our beloved “newsman”. In fact, while we waited an actual eagle soared over head to cheers from the crowd, we were all convinced it was part of some elaborate entranced staged by Colbert.

Then the stage manager whipped us all into a singing frenzy with “O Canada”…we’re so easily manipulated :)

more – including video of the event at Shawn’s Blog

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