2010Feb 22

Shawn Upson SPAD95- Vancouver Madness

By Shawn Upson, SPAD95

Canada Post Billboard

Even though I had a “day off” I’m still compelled to throw myself into as much chaos as possible. There’s just so much to see and do, I can’t afford to stay in or I’ll never make it through to the end of my list! So I bravely faced the downtown mob again.

First thing I saw was this massive poster of Bilodeau on the Canada Post building. This was actually up before he won his Gold, way to hitch your wagon to a shooting star, Canada Post!

Then at the Aboriginal Pavilion I got a taste of some delicious venison stew. It was almost as good as Stevan’s moose stew, but I didn’t get the name of the deer they made it with. I guess they’re relying on tourists not realizing that’s a buffalo head on display.

Shawn - the Olympic Torch - in Birks!!!

As usual there is much more in Shawn’s blog – video etc. So check it out!!

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