2010Feb 25

Shawn Upson SPAD’95: The Olympic Adventure Continues

Shawn Upson checks in again from Vancouver and Whistler to share his experiences and adventures – including how to drive a winning bobsleigh!!

By Shawn Upson, SPAD’95

Shawn shows his championship focus

I am gaining such an appreciation for the pace of Whistler, it really is like a retreat after a couple days of dealing with the chaos of Vancouver.  The sunshine is coming to an end, so I figured I’d try and capture some of the views of the peaks from the village.  In this clip I tried to zoom in on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, maybe if the weather stays clear I’ll head up there for some amazing views.

On my way over to the Media Centre I noticed that they have relocated the memorial for Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili to a dedicated spot next to the Olympic rings.  Everyone is signing a book, leaving flowers, pins, candles and other items.  He is definitely not forgotten as the games move forward.

Much more including more pictures, videos etc at Shawn’s blog

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