2010Mar 2

Shawn Upson SPAD’95: Headed Home from Olympic Adventure

Shawn says goodbye to the Olympics

Shawn Upson has left the building – or should I say he has left the Olympics. He has posted some final stories on his blog and here is what was on his Twitter feed this morning:

Just waiting for my luggage, the kids are on the other side of that door waiting…c’mon bags, hurry up!!!

I can’t believe it really is all over, I’m surprisingly sad. Indian buffet is helping me cope with the sadness

It feels weird in the city, like a massive house party-everyone gone home and you’re left sitting alone on the couch saying “wow, now what?”

From Shawn’s blog:

Friday Feb 26: today is a sad day indeed. It’s my last bus ride to Whistler, for my final shift. Where did the last 15 days go? How can it feel like I’ve been here forever, yet at the same time wonder how the time flew by?

I decided this morning to make one final attempt to get into the Olympic Store at The Bay. Every time I’ve been there it’s at least an hour long lineup, even at 11 pm at night. There was a rumour going around that they were going to open 24 hrs for the final weekend, but that’s not the case. This morning was no different, huge line and I had to catch myfinal bus so time for a desperation move — use my creds to get past security, and it worked! Why didn’t I try that a week ago?

Parting Gifts…..One exciting thing about your final shift is the lovely parting gifts. All along the way you get great little rewards for hitting certain goals. I call this the “Muk Muk Milestone card”, and so far I’ve received pins, stuffed Quatchi, keychain, hat, backpack, and coveted red mittens! Who says volunteering doesn’t pay    /

Handing in the credentials 🙁

But they definitely saved the best for last, I got an Olympic Swatch and Silver medal/coin from Birks, which is a great bonus because I truly would have done this just for the privilege of being here. See Shawn’s blog for pictures

Handing in the credentials…I found it very difficult to head out from the village, who knows when I’ll have a chance to be back here again. However, I look forward to that day when I do come back and have these incredible memories of Whistler. I was so fortunate to be able to be immersed in the games from this perspective, from this venue.

Although it is my last shift, it is not technically my last day in Whistler. Tonight we celebrate this part of the amazing journey, but it’s far from over. Tomorrow I tame the peaks of Whistler/Blckcomb, and Sunday, the game of our lives!

On behalf of SPAD and the SPAD Blog – I would like to thanks Shawn for sharing so much of his Olympic Journey over the past few weeks – I think that I for one have looked forward to his posts, his behind the scenes stories and commentary have made the games come alive. So Shawn – keep posting and keep making SPAD proud!!

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