2010Mar 1

Shawn Upson: Explaining why the audience is booing Luongo

Shawn at Women's Olympic Bobsleigh Medal Ceremony

I was checking in on the blog of Shawn Upson, SPAD’95 again today to see what new insights he has to share. Several great stories, pictures and videos have been posted by Shawn over the past few days – here are some highlights:

Women’s Hockey Gold Medal…One of the premiere events of the Olympics was this afternoon, I am referring of course to the Women’s Hockey Gold medal game against the US.  A rematch from the 2002 and 2006 Olympics, our girls were 2 time defending Olympic champs so there was plenty at stake.  I may have “popped” over to a local establishment for the last 10 min of the 3rd period, and there may or may not have been free celebratory shots passed around.  check out Shawn’s blog for a great clip of the bar celebrating another GOLD MEDAL!

Two Olympic Medals in  Women’s Bobsleigh: One of my main Olympic Mandates was to see a Gold Medal presented up close and personal, to be there with the masses signing our national anthem as they raise the flag.  As our women dominated the Bobsled the day prior I realized I would have a chance to see not just Gold presented, but Silver as well.  As I headed over to Medals Plaza I knew exactly where I wanted to be for optimal viewing.  I’ll walk you through the Victory Ceremony in a bit more detail from the perspective of being on the ground.

Watching Canada beat Russia in Men’s Hockey ….We were all hunkered down in our bunker glued to every second of action, and before we knew it is was 3-0 and we were yelling like a bunch of maniacs.  In fact, yelling so loudly we got “shoosh-ed” by the international press who could hear us out in their common area of the Media Centre.  What do they expect, they must be Russians!!!  I actually felt a bit sorry for Nabokov, but Bryzgalov didn’t do much better.  Periodically throughout the game I had to explain to some of the IT guys from India why everyone kept “booing” Luongo.

Shawn & John Furlong, VANOC CEO

Meeting John Furlong – VANOC CEO.…Just before the game started John Furlong (the CEO of VANOC) came by to thank us volunteers for our contributions to the games.  He seemed like an incredibly warm and genuine individual, I was quite impressed with him.

Free Beer….I’ll start today’s adventure off with one of Whistler’s best kept secrets, Austria House.  It’s off the beaten path a bit, but what makes it so great is not this metal mouse (what is up with that?) but their free beer.  Yes, that’s right.  Anytime they win a medal (which has been almost every day) they have free beer for anyone.  No pictures of that of course, I’m not supposed to do that while in uniform

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