2011Nov 7

SGA Halloween Party a Scary Good Time

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Scary times at the SGA Halloween Party

The Laurentian student body once again came out in full force for the SGA Halloween Party held at the Pub Down under on Monday, October 31st. The SPAD students running the event did a great job by selling out tickets even before the event had begun. The Pub was transformed into a Halloween theme largely due to the generous donation of Spirit Halloween. Students without a ticket began crowding the great hall as early as 9:00 PM to try to get into the party, waiting nearly 2 hours to get in. Amazingly, everyone that wanted to get in to the party did and all had a great time.

Halloween takes on a new meaning as a student. As a child, it was an excuse to dress up as something goofy or scary and go get as much candy as you can. As a student in university, it is an excuse to dress up as something funny or, may I say revealing, and go have some drinks with friends. Halloween also removes all guilt that would normally happen by partying on a Monday night; it really is a special time of the year.

There seems to be two types of people when it comes to Halloween, which can be shown by the costumes they wear. Like myself, some exercise their procrastination skills and try to piece together a costume the night before or the day of Halloween. While other people’s costumes seem to be projects that were week s or months in the making. On Monday night, those who carefully planned out their costumes were rewarded, as there were prizes for both male and female best costume, as well as a prize for the best group costume.

The Zombie Bridal Party

Kyle England won the prize as the best male costume, dressed up as a keg, which I can assure you was one of the most creative Halloween costumes I have ever seen. His costume was not only creative but practical as people were able to drink out of his costume. Athena Lolas won the best female costume as a Christmas tree. Both Kyle and Athena were awarded 150-dollar bursaries for their efforts. The group costume (pictured) that won was that of a wedding party. The group took home a gift certificate for the beer store equal to the value of a keg.

Congratulations to everyone that won, and I hope that everyone had a good of time as I did at the SGA Halloween party. Halloween 2012 is only 360 days away, get your costumes ready!

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