2010Mar 4

Randy Pascal SPAD’85: In the News!!

Great article on SPAD Alumni Randy Pascal by his friend Ken Campbell who writes for the Hockey News:

Ken Campbell & Randy Pascal enjoy some hockey together

Here is an excerpt from the article:

By Ken Campbell 2010-02-27

VANCOUVER – When Randy Pascal and I were growing up, we dreamed of playing in the NHL. Hardly puts us in exclusive company.

But as is the case for the vast majority of kids, reality set in somewhere around our teens. Neither of us could skate or shoot or pass or do pretty much anything well enough to get out of house league, although we did have one helluva year playing alongside Marc Maisoneuve back in Bantam.

Randy’s father, Al, was once a prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks, so I’m not sure what his excuse is, but alas, our dream of taking part in the highest level of hockey died early.

Or not.

For the rest of Ken’s article visit the Hockey News. Thanks Ken for the great article and Randy – can’t wait to hear more about your time at the Olympics.

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