2017Nov 14

Q & A with Seth Board

By: Matt Grundy

November 14th, 2017

11021452_10203956559981446_3205494399452810208_oSeth Board, grew up living in Burlington, Ontario and Ocala, Florida and graduated from SPAD in the year of 2017.  The Majority of his childhood was spent in Burlington but spent 2 years in Ocala while his father pursued a career opportunity when Seth was 5 years old.  Seth attended high school in Burlington at Nelson High School. I had the opportunity to interview Seth to learn more about his journey through SPAD, what he is doing today, and what his plans are for the future.

The first thing I wanted to learn from Seth was why exactly he chose SPAD. His answer was not different from other people in the program. Seth was drawn towards the SPAD program mainly because of his passion for sports and the unique opportunities that the program offers. He noted that the hands-on experience through the mandatory internship and consulting trip were the key selling points for him. Seth had high aspirations for himself when first entering the program as many first year SPAD students do. His dream job was to one day be a GM of an NFL team, however had the more practical goal of getting a managerial position in ticketing for an NFL team.

I wanted to learn more about Seth’s personal experiences while in SPAD.  I asked Seth to describe some SPAD-LOGO-4of his greatest challenges and accomplishments in SPAD that helped him get to where he is today. Seth’s greatest accomplishment came during his consulting trip, which was done for the Washington Nationals. He and his group had to present a solution to the Nationals on the ROI of converting the stadium lights to LEDs. Overall, the group exceeded expectations in many ways and were given high praise from the organization. The experience gave Seth a lot of confidence on what he could accomplish in the future. As for many students, getting over stage fright was the biggest challenge for Seth. Coming into SPAD, Seth wasn’t the most outgoing and struggled somewhat as a presenter. That being said, after many presentations throughout the program, Seth was able to overcome his fears and become a quality presenter, contributing to his groups success enjoyed during the consulting trip.

17800430_10209110956278132_4748244626088474721_nNext, I wanted to know about Seth’s internship, and how exactly it came about. For his internship, Seth was a suites service intern with MLSE.  Seth explained that the process in finding and securing this internship was relatively easy. Seth was very fortunate to be very good friends with the intern in his position before him who highly recommended Seth for the position. This led right into my next question as I asked Seth what his biggest takeaways were from his internship. Seth stressed that networking is very important, as it payed off for him in securing his internship. The more people you know, the more opportunities there will be.

Seth has just finished travelling across Europe and has now started Aspire_Lifestyles_Logo_on White_CMYKhis first career job at a company called Aspire Lifestyles as a VIP customer service representative. In the future, Seth hopes to be back at MLSE in a managerial role. I ended the interview by asking Seth what advice he would give to SPAD students. His main message was to go outside your comfort zone, and to do everything that scares you or that you never thought you would do. Seth could have never envisioned himself in a leadership role, but took the chance and chose to do it anyway when he joined the SPAD council which benefitted him tremendously and helped him get to where he is today.


Contributor: Seth Board

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