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Q & A with Cameron Brooks

Cameron Brooks Pic 2I was able to sit down with 2015 SPAD graduate Cameron Brooks. Cameron is a well-spoken, modest, and caring individual. He has reached tremendous success after his Laurentian school life. He played five years on the Laurentian soccer team where he made strides on the field and off. I wanted to look at what made Cameron the person he is today, and how Laurentian and SPAD shaped him.

Q1 – What expectations if any did you have coming to Laurentian and SPAD?

I was originally expected school to easy coming out of high school. After my first mid –term I soon realized this was going to be more difficult than I thought. Academically I really needed to focus after going through high school with good marks. Also, I was really looking forward to the day to day living, meeting friends, hanging out; I wanted to live the full university experience.

Q2 – Any obstacles along the way through you’re university life?

Soccer definitely made me work hard and adjust to school. Every year you need to come to school early in the summer to train, and playing away games during weekends you miss mid –terms, giving me to deal with heavily weighted finals, which was a major stressor.

Living away from home first –year was a major adjustment as well. Like everyone I was not only learning how to be successful in school but how to live by myself. I did not have my family pushing me to finish my work and be productive.

Q3 – How do you feel that this program has helped you develop as a person?

SPAD definitely helped me become more social, I was always a quiet kid but not really shy. I had my opinions but I never had the urge to express myself. I am more willing to state what I think and am not worried about anything else.

Being able to present myself to others and in a business setting was something I practised a lot that I never really worked on before and this gave me the confidence to go to my workplaces with the same ability I learned.

Q4 – In your days here you were a very talented soccer player. What has this sport given you in terms of your off field takeaways?

Cameron Brooks Pic 3

Cameron(left) with Coaches and Teammate


Communication was a major quality I used in soccer that is a great tool to use in my day to day life and my jobs. I was in a leadership role in my club and school teams in high school so it was something that I was acceptant of when I started seeing it passed on to me at Laurentian as well. I was always talking to coaches and teammates to get the best out every player including myself on the field. In every dressing room there are lots of different characters, the shy ones, the loud ones and soccer really helped me learn how to get along with all types of people and get an understanding for them.

I also had this sense of competition where I wanted to be the best I could be as myself and with the team. Obviously CIS was a tough league so I really had to work hard and try in order to do this. Like anything, my goal was to create as much success for myself and the others around me, which translates to my work goals now.

Q5 – Where was your internship and how was that experience for you

I worked my internship at XMC Sports and Entertainment, where I was a part of the sponsorship department. There were three other guys I worked with, where we became pretty close. There were no walls or barriers between us so we had to adjust to each other if we liked it or not. Everyone was pretty similar, so it was easy work setting. It was great to build meaningful projects you see put in motion. The experience really gave me a sense of accomplishment and prepared me for life after school.

Q6 – Are there any individuals that have helped guide you through this time?

Scott Rodgers was a big help for me along the way. He was one of my roommates, he happened to be SPAD President; he always took things pretty seriously which drove me to be better. There were times I wanted to slack or didn’t want to work on something, he would be the guiding light to push me to study. He balanced me out when I wanted to hang out. We would do projects together or individually where we always wanted to get the best mark, pushing each other to do the best we could.

Q7 – What jobs have you obtained after school and do you feel school fully prepared you for them?

I am currently working for CIBC bank in Sports Sponsorships. I have been here for 15 months and have enjoyed every second of it. I have a great team that I work with where I’m happy to go to work every day. My boss is a SPAD alumni and he has really took me undCameron Brooks Pic 4er his wing and has helped me a lot, and has looked out for me. He has helped me with developing contacts and with my personal brand.

One thing weird for me to see is from being in SPAD into a political organization like CIBC from the differences we don’t see in the program. Being this young in the business world has been an eye opening experience for me. You really look at yourself and what the public views of you with all the different steps you make.

As a SPAD guy everyone wants to work for their favourite team or just in a sports field. So that’s where I want to go next. I think this is where I’ll have the most fun while working so I do not want to pass an opportunity like this up.

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