2011Nov 22

Pluckers Grey Cup Party at the Pub

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Pluckers Grey Cup Party

For the first time ever the Grey Cup Party is being held at the Pub Down Under! The party is going to be a great time for all, with the 99th Grey Cup on the line.  Tickets are only 10 dollars and are being sold outside the great hall this week from 11:00-3:00 and are also available at the SPAD office.

Listed are the top ten things to look forward to about the Pluckers Grey Cup Party! See you all there.

10-The Atmosphere– The students don’t need to be told how much fun it is to spend time in Pub. The Grey Cup Party has never been held in a sports bar like atmosphere and this year’s party promises to be a great time for everyone.

9- The Gambling– For a small price at entry, participants can bet on specific outcomes of the game to win a prize. Not only can you prove your football knowledge to everyone else at the party, it makes the game a lot more interesting to watch if you are not a fan of one of the teams.

8- Madden Challenge- For those who are not enthusiasts of the CFL, a Madden Tournament will be held with the winners receiving a prize.  The tournament will be held on XBOX 360, playing Madden 2012.

7- Cheap Food– Aramark has released a separate menu for those who attend the party. Wings and fries are available for less than 5 dollars as well as other delicious pub foods available at a low cost.

6 – Cheap food delivered to you– Not only is the food especially cheap during the game, the food will be delivered to the Pub so you don’t have to miss a second of the action!

Tickets sold outside the Great Hall

5- Buck Pierce – For those of you who do not watch the CFL, you’re missing out on a great talent in Buck Pierce. The Blue Bombers quarterback was voted the toughest player in the CFL by fellow players. Buck has the chance to make every play exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4- In-game competitions– Watching the game at home leaves you bored during commercial breaks. Not at the Pluckers Grey Cup Party! You may catch yourself looking forward to commercial breaks with various activities to participate in or watch.

3- The Tradition– 99th Grey Cup Party! The CFL is Canada’s league and is full of history and tradition. Enjoy and embrace the Canadian nature of the game.

2- The Raffle- There are over $1500 in prizes available at the raffle including a Chad Owens signed football, two Ottawa Senators tickets and much more.  Raffle tickets will be sold by the Great Hall during ticket selling hours as well as at the event.

1- The Game Itself– The Grey Cup Game has been one of the most exciting championship games in any leagues in recent years. Ten years down the road, when the question is asked, “where were you for the 99th Grey Cup Party” you can have a smile on your face when answering with “at the campus pub!”



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