2012Feb 8

PepsiCo Foods Super Bowl XLVI Presented by the SGA: A GIANT Success!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

PepsiCo Super Bowl presented by SGA

As the New York Giants were crowned Super Bowl champions once again, members of the SPAD community, both student and faculty, were immersed in the festivities at Laurentian’s Pub Down Under. The beer was flowing as the crowd became engrossed in an evening of good humour, football and competition. At the end of the evening, a good time was had by all, even those discouraged by the result of the evening, including the devoted Dr. Pegoraro, who’s beloved Patriots yet again failed to deliver when it matters.

From a football viewpoint, the game was filled with some quarterback mastery, with both Brady and Manning playing intelligent, consistent football. However, Manning’s inspiring fourth quarter proved to be the deciding factor as the Giants took the game by a score of 21-17. But from a party standpoint, despite some minor technical speed bumps, and some excessive megaphone usage from SPAD’s own Jackie Weallans, the party was a success. Throughout the evening, spectators were engaged through Twitter contests as well as some enthusiastic minute to win it games including relay races, musical chairs, and card stacking contests. These events helped keep up the spirits of spectators and maintain a friendly and enthusiastic crowd.

To top of the competitive games and football enthusiasm, the crowd was also entertained by a tremendous raffle, including prizes including signed Phillip Rivers memorabilia, clothing, and a variety of gift cards. This added to the atmosphere, with fans hoping to take home the big prize. However, at the end of the day, it was SPAD’s own Alannah Della Vedova who was the big winner, taking home the San Diego Chargers jersey, signed by Phillip Rivers himself.

On behalf of the SPAD community, we would like to thank all those who attended, as well as the many sponsors who generously supported the event, making it a successful night for all.

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