2010Feb 24

More Great Olympic Pictures from SPAD students & Alumni

Swiss Olympic Size Cowbells

Joe Scheier, SPAD 4th Year Student

Joe checks in from Vancouver with some great pictures  including this great picture of cow bells from the Swiss cross country ski fans. “Cow bells are the tradition noise maker of choice at ski races but they are usually hand held. The cow bells in this picture are Olympic size and take plenty of strength and effort to cheer on their athletes.” For more great pictures from the Ski Jumping Venue and cross country skiing look for Joe’s pictures recently added to the SPAD Flickr Photostream

Luge - wow fast!!!

Michael Galasso, SPAD09 also sends some great pictures, including this one that gives a great idea about how fast the sliding track really is in Vancouver.

There are more photos from Mike in the SPAD Flickr Photostream including skeleton, 2 man luge, ski jumping, and biathlon celebration.

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