2010Feb 11

Moose are Olympic Fans Too!!

The Road Trip Crew has been on the move now for almost one day.  The group has found some interesting points along the road – including the Terry Fox Memorial outside Thunder Bay ON.

Here is the beginning of their latest blog post:

Well that was quite the first night. Corey and I took over at the Soo and the 9:30pm to 5:30am drive. It was a tiring experience to say the least – after staying up most of the previous night studying for our Accounting midterm. The night was uneventful as our tripmates snored “soundly” in the back seats, Corey and I spent our night looking for moose, drinking Tim’s, telling late night gas attendants of our adventure, trying to pronounce all of the places we came across, discussing the meaning of Lost, and counting every Manitoulin Transport truck we passed (8 total the first night). The moose issue was a huge concern but we went the whole way without seeing a single one – apparently they are Olympic fans. It is amazing how desolate the area between the Sault and Thunder Bay is. We would get excited at the sign of any life – a passing truck or a simple quarry on the side of the road was a great sight.

for the rest of the story visit http://sudbury-vanoc2010.blogspot.com/

Great to hear from the Road Trip Crew – hope the drive today is going as well.


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