2011Feb 17

Marty Landry SPAD’10: IMG – A Great Internship

By SPAD Blogger Cole Julien

I recently had the change to ask Marty Landry, SPAD’10 about his experience during his SPAD internship and here is what Marty had to say.

Marty Landry, SPAD'10

1.) For starters can you just go over what your internship was and with what company and what you had to do.

I was an Events Intern at International Management Group’s (IMG) Canadian office in Toronto. IMG is widely considered one of the most influential global leaders in sports, media, entertainment management and marketing. The four main events I worked on were the TELUS World Skins Game, LG Fashion Week, and the Stars on Ice and Holiday Festival on Ice tours. Although it is hard to sum up my exact duties as activities and tasks changed on a daily basis , as is the nature of events, much of my responsibilities fell to supporting logistics for sponsors and IMG’s needs. This related to distribution of sponsor deliverables in conjunction with work-back schedules, on-site logistics, management and execution of sponsor activations and participation in weekly client service meetings. There was somewhat of a cross-over in my internship duties. In addition to working under the Events Department, I also reported directly to our Vice-President providing support and assistance with business development projects to improve current events and build new properties for IMG. This involved research projects related to trends in the sports industry, current sport properties, information on prospective athletes and clients, as well as helping to prepare sales presentations.

2.) What was your favourite part about your internship?

From an organizational standpoint, my favorite part about interning at IMG was that it provided me with a hybrid work experience in the sports, media and entertainment industry. It allowed me to delve into so many different aspects of business, which was not just limited to the Events Department. I truly believe this helped me moving forward to determine which aspects of the industry that I want to focus my career in. As far as one favorite experience during the internship goes, it was without a doubt spending the month of June in Victoria, BC running the TELUS World Skins game. I gained a true appreciation of the hard work it takes to run a world class event of that magnitude, while thoroughly enjoying the entire experience and soaking up every moment of the opportunity that was presented to me. It was one that I will not forget.

3.) What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your internship?

On a whole, the internship experience is really what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there because you can become as involved in the organization as you let yourself be. The time will fly by and at the end of it all you want to be sure that you made the most of the opportunity. Many people would do anything for the chance to work for some of these organizations. Meet as many people as possible, build relationships and soak up as much information as you can. You never know who you are going to meet that might help you in your career in the future.

4.) Do you have any advice for students applying for internships?

Apply somewhere that you truly want to work and do something that you think you might enjoy. Look at the experience as an investment, although you may not know exactly what you want to do and think to yourself “it’s only and internship”, some of the experience gained and connections you make will set you up for your future. If nothing else you will gain a better understanding of where you see yourself fitting in the industry. I know personally I came out with a much clearer understanding. Other than that, have fun and enjoy the experience!

Thanks Marty for all the great advice – and SPAD congratulates you on your new position – Account Representative, Baseball Operations, Pointstreak Sport Techonologies  – www.pointstreak.com

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