2014Mar 22

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd SGA Dodgeball Tournament

By: Kevin Domaratzki

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nOn March 15th 2014, third year event management students hosted the 2nd annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament presented by Toppers Pizza. The event was held at the Ben Avery Gym on Laurentian Campus and ran from 9-4:30. The event was a huge success as it attracted a record breaking 22 teams, with each team having 6-8 players.

The event began just prior to 9am as teams who registered were treated to complimentary morning snacks, including granola bars, fruit, water and Gatorade. Participants also had the opportunity to snack on bags of chips supplied by Frito Lay, a proud sponsor of the event. Players had the opportunity throughout the day to play the Topper’s Pizza Accuracy Challenge, attempting to hit the most pizza boxes in a row with a dodgeball. The round robin began at 9am as all three courts (Toppers Pizza court, frito lay court and pepsi court) had games running simultaneously. Every team was guaranteed 3 games in the round robin. The round robin ran smoothly and on time, until pizza arrived just before noon. Each team was given a large pizza, generously donated by presenting sponsor Topper’s Pizza.

Event Organizers (Kevin Domaratzki, Tom Zapletal, Ross Arangio, Justin Simpson, and Jason Wang)

Event Organizers (Kevin Domaratzki, Tom Zapletal, Ross Arangio, Justin Simpson, and Jason Wang)

During lunch the event was highlighted by the 1v1 showdown, where participants signed up to have a showdown with one other person, similar to the scene from Dodgeball the movie. After 16 participants went head to head, Chad Ecker emerged victorious. During lunch, raffle prizes were drawn and winners announced for prizes including two composite hockey sticks. After lunch the playoffs got under way and were great to watch. The finals began at 4:00, and was a heated 5 game battle between “Ballsagna” and the “Defending Champs”. Ballsagna, a group of fourth year SPAD students were crowned champions.

Everyone who came out to the event had a great time and many called the tournament the best SPAD event of the year. The event organizers would like to thank everyone who came out and supported their event. Also, a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to next year’s tournament! Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the event here!

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