2014Mar 6

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd Annual LU Snow Battle

1962676_598977603530621_815083389_nOn March 1st 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the 2nd annual LU Snow Battle at the varsity fields, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to the athletic fields. A total of six teams braved the cold, and competed for the prestigous LU Snow Battle Title!

The event got underway early Saturday morning, where players were treated to some free snacks and coffee courtesy of Country Style. Teams battled it out throughout the morning during the round robin rounds. Every player was then invited back to the Ken Banuk Lounge and were treated to a delicious lunch provided by Pillers. The new concept of “Ski Ball” was a big hit during the lunch break, which eventually saw SPAD student Ross Wallen come out on top.

After lunch, players and spectators returned to the field to take part in the skills competition. The first skills contest was based off of throwing accuracy, and saw SPAD Student Mark Norris put on a brilliant display to run away with the competition. Next up was the very exciting “Gauntlet” event which saw players from all teams participate, however, no one could touch the speed of SPAD’s Tom Zapletal who came out on top of the competition. Teams then proceeded to compete in the elimination rounds, which eventually saw “Snow Up Your Nose”, group of 4th year SPAD students come out victorious!

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Everyone who came out to the event had themselves a blast. The event organizers would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event. Also, a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to next year’s “battle”! Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the event here (Photos courtesy of Jenna Woodward).

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