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@LU_SPAD Student-Athlete Profile: Samantha Edwards

Second Year SPAD Student, Samantha Edwards from Toronto, Ontario enters her second year at Laurentian University as both a SPAD student and a varsity athlete. With the third week of the school year starting and the first race of the season done, Sam has agreed to talk with us about the work of being both a varsity athlete and a SPAD student in their core year of studies.SamanthaEdwards_use

Q: How many and what varsity teams do you compete on for the Laurentian Voyageurs?

SE: Being a runner, I compete on both the Cross Country and the Track and Field teams. This means training and competing throughout both semesters-meaning you don’t get any sort of downtime!

Q: How long have you competed in both of these sports?

SE: I have competed in both sports for the last 5 years, since grade 9. I had a coach point out to me that i was as fast as all of the boys in gym class. Then my coach referred me to a junior development program that I trained with for 4 years before attending Laurentian.

Q: What was your greatest high school achievement?

SE: The most impressive showing that I had was a top 10 finish at OFSAA in the 1500 meter steeple chase during my grade 12 season. As far as cross country, I was able to compete in the 2011 nationals and finished 30th overall as a grade 11 student.

Q:What is the most appealing aspect of the sports you compete in?

SE: The best part about running is the sense of accomplishment you get after finishing a race.Since it is very different from the way other sports determine winners and losers, it is more about completing each race to the best of your ability and the feeling you get when you accomplish that goal.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your first year as both a SPAD student and Voyageur Athlete?

SE: It was great to be in a program that talked about sports; it tied together my passion for running and my studies. It made it easier to pay full attention in class, even if I had a big race the next day.

Q: What is your goal for the upcoming season, both individually and as a team?

SE: This season the LU cross-country team has a great chance to qualify as a team to compete at the CIS championships in London, Ontario, which would be a first in several years. A personal goal is to one day compete for Canada in the Olympics, which would be amazing! With the development program here it could happen.

IMG_0680Q: How is it trying to balance both your core year classes and your athletic schedule?

SE: So far, at least, I haven’t fallen too far behind. As the year goes on, both schedules look to be increasing a lot which will mean a bunch of long nights. Hopefully with a lot of group work my classmates will be accommodating of the fact that I have practice most night and will be traveling many weekends. Emailing will definitely be a key part of group work!

As the year goes on, we wish Sam and the rest of the Voyageur runners the best of luck. Having place first of the Lady Vee’s after the first race of the year, The Western International, she looks to have a promising season ahead of her.

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