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@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Maggie Brennan


Maggie Brennan, 1st year SPAD student.

Maggie Brennan has had a lot of additional responsibilities this year above and beyond being a 1st year SPAD Student. Maggie is also a 1st year athlete for the Voyageurs Women’s Hockey team, now in the midst of their inaugural season for Laurentian. Recently, we were able to sit down with Maggie and learn a bit about the life of a SPAD student athlete.

Q: Hi Maggie, thanks for sitting down with us to give us and our readers a better idea of the life of a SPAD student athlete. We wanted to just start off by getting a bit of a background on you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in hockey.

MB: Hey, yeah it’s no problem! Thanks for having me and asking me to be a part of this. So obviously my name is Maggie Brennan, and I am here at Laurentian in my first year of SPAD and to be apart of the Women’s Hockey team. My hometown is Ottawa, so I live in Nepean, Ontario. I have been playing hockey since I was just little, I have been playing for the Nepean wildcats for the past eleven years.

Q: What was your main reason for choosing Laurentian?

MB: The main reason I chose Laurentian was the SPAD program. After doing a bit of research when applying to schools, I became aware of the unique opportunity that SPAD offers and the great reputation of a program that is not offered anywhere else. So the program was the main reason I chose to come to Laurentian, and hockey was just a nice fit. Stacey (Women’s Head Coach) came to see me play a few times, and it was just nice that I could get both the program I wanted and hockey at the same school.

Q:How has it been trying to balance both school and your hockey schedule?

MB: It hasn’t been too bad at all. We practice three times a week, but the rink is only ten minutes away which is really nice. All of our additional training and workouts take place on campus so it isn’t hard to get to team stuff and it doesn’t take too much time away from my studies which is great.

Q: That’s good! How have you found your studies in first year so far? Is the program what you thought it would be?

MB: I really love the program. Between my fellow frosh and all of the upper years I have met, the program is made by the great students that are in it. I love all the events that have been put on, and I look forward to the rest of the events over the course of the year. I enjoy my classes as well, sports statistics is very different from what i thought a stats class would be, it really relates everything back to the sports industry and sports analytics.

Q: Yeah the events are really a big part of what makes this program. What has been your favorite so far? What are you most looking forward to?

MB: I really enjoyed the 3v3 basketball tournament. It was a really good opportunity to meet a bunch of upper years that I had never met before. Every event I meet a few new people and am getting a great idea of exactly how close everyone is in this program, and I love it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the JMSM Conference, but I hear that is one of if not the best weekend of the year. I am also really looking forward to the SPAD Hockey Tournament, as obviously hockey is my thing.

Q: Aside from SPAD, how has hockey been on the ice this year? How has the inaugural season gone for the team?

MB: As of right now our team sits at 6-9-0. Our goals is to be .500 by the end of the season and to try


The Laurentian Voyageurs Women’s Hockey Team.

and make a push for the playoffs. Making the playoffs would make us the first team in history to make the playoffs in their inaugural season. So far we are happy the success of this season so far, and look to continue to improve the rest of the way and for years to come!

We want to wish Maggie the best of the luck with the teams goals and with the rest of the season. We also want to thank her for taking the time out of her obviously busy schedule to sit down with us and allows us to write about the life of a SPAD Student Athlete.

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