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@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Cam Brooks


Cam Brooks, our very own OUA All-Star in action.

Cam Brooks, 4th year SPAD student and 4th year defense for the Varsity Men’s Soccer team, completed a four month summer internship with XMC Sports and Entertainment from May to August of this year. He then returned to Laurentian for his 4th and final SPAD year and his 4th season as an key contributor to the Men’s Soccer team. He recently talked to us about the Roller Coaster that was his 4th season with the team and his academic aspirations surrounding his final year in SPAD.

Q: First off Cam, congratulations on what is an incredible accomplishment, a 4-time OUA All-Star in as many years. Tells us a bit about the season through your eyes?

CB: Thanks Cam, it was a big honour to be named a first team all-star again this year. It was nice to be rewarded for the hard work that I put in and the excellence that I strive for every single day and in all facets of my life, academically and athletically.

Q: Although I’m sure it was a sweet feeling, there was the abrupt end to the season. Tell us a bit about what happened, especially after starting the season off so hot as a team?

CB: The season was definitely a roller coaster of a year that left the entire team dissatisfied with the results. We started of the year real hot, and beat some of the best teams in the country, let alone the province or our league. The peak of our season was absolutely when we defeated Carlton, then the #1 ranked team in the country, twice in as many weekends. We for sure thought that we were going to be ranked in the CIS Top Ten after those victories, but unfortunately we were left off of the top ten. Two weekends after that we played Nippissing and Trent. Unfortunately, we came out against both of those teams and flat out did not perform. From then on out, the season was a slow decline, leading up to a first round exit from the playoffs.

Q: Definitely an unfortunate end to the season. What have you been up to since the end of the season and what are your plans for the remainder of the season?

CB: Just concentrating on my classes, its tough keeping up during the season, so now I have the time to catch up on all of my school work. As far as the rest of the year, I’m looking forward to the rest of the 4th year SPAD students getting back from their internships. I also can’t wait for our fourth year field trip coming up, when we will be going to Chicago. After that, we all have all have graduation to look forward to.

Q:What are your plans for after graduation?

CB: Well, I am going to be back at Laurentian to use my 5th year of athletic eligibility, and play one more season as a Laurentian Voyageur. I would like to take some more law classes and try to earn my minor in law. After that I will be putting all of my effort into finding a job in the industry. I would like to find a position similar to what I did with my internship last summer.


Cam working an event with XMC Sports and Entertainment.

Q: You completed an internship with XMC Sports and Entertainment. What was the company like what what were your roles and responsibilities as an account executive?

The company was a great one to work for as an intern! I got lots of real world experience through my various roles and responsibilities. The company has many customers and different projects that I was able to work on.

We would like to thank Cam for allowing us to take a sneak peak into the mind of a SPAD student athlete. We wish him the best of luck with the rest of his 4th year.

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