2012Feb 28

@LU_SPAD Sport Consulting Trip 2013: Miami Wins!!

Miami 2013!!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

Every year the 4th year SPAD students take their talents to sporting organizations across North America, next year will be no exception. The SPAD community is pleased to announce that in 2013, the SPAD students will be taking their talents to South Beach, with a highly anticipated trip to Miami. Sun, Sea, Sand, and SPAD….MIAMI 2013!

This year, the third year students had 3 locations which were presented as options for the trip. These options were Miami, Orlando/Tampa Bay, and Chicago. Each location was well presented and provided a plethora of excellent opportunities for the students to assess. Throughout the month leading up to the presentation day, the students had been actively voicing their opinions in various forms, including spirited Twitter disputes, friendly banter, and class discussion. This brought a tense atmosphere into presentation day.

Chicago was first up, and set the bar very high for the following presentations. The excellent presentation by Nick Arruda illustrated the  ample supply of sport organizations to choose from, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities to provide entertainment for students, students were both engaged, and interested. Next up was the Orlando/Tamp Bay pitch by Jamie Howlett, Andrew Berlingieri and Kory Lafreniere. This location provided many avenues for the students to explore. With added components of Disney World, and beaches, the students were able to overlook the added cost of the trip. Leading into the final location, the contest was neck and neck. Finally, Miami took the stage presented by Andrew Leach (me). This option provided the best of both presentations witnessed to date. With ample supply of sport teams combined with the sunshine of Florida, students began to “warm up” to the idea of this being the desired destination for the trip.

After all was said and done, the stage was set for the final vote. The vote would be elimination style rounds, or until a team received 50% plus 1% of the votes, making it a majority decision. The votes were in and Miami took an early lead. It looked like it would be a landslide victory, however, late surges by both Chicago and Orlando/Tampa Bay kept matters close. In the end, Miami obtained a majority vote, securing it as the destination of choice for 2013!

There is still much to do before the trip is materialized, but with the talents and work ethic of the SPAD students, there is no doubt that budgets and deadlines will be met, and that the trip will be as successful as possible.

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