2013Oct 11

@LU_SPAD Recruits at OUF 2013

By SPAD Blog Contributor Sean Meyers


Council President Sean Meyers on the floor at OUF

Laurentian Student Brand Ambassadors and Sports Administration students Simon Tomlinson and Sean Meyers were attending their first OUF and were ecstatic about the opportunity to complete the ‘Circle of Life’. “Having been recruited at this very fair I know exactly how unsure and insecure some of these students feel about making such a big life decision at this age. It was really interesting to see the University recruitment process from the other side, trying to recruit the students. It was a lot of fun talking about a school and program which I love” states Student Council President Sean Meyers. Sean and Simon answered plenty questions and provided personal insight on the school to hopeful Laurentian University students. 

Laurentian University booth at OUF

Laurentian University booth at OUF

SPAD Program Director Dr. Ann Pegoraro and Dr. Claude Vincent were also representing SPAD and Laurentian University at the Fair. They used their extensive knowledge of the program, the university and the sport industry to answer questions and speak about SPAD. Lots of students attending the Fair are surprisingly unaware of Laurentian and SPAD so it was essential to inform them of the unique program which we offer. 

Thank you to all students who came out to check out the Laurentian University booth. Also a huge thanks to the Laurentian University faculty and Liaison staff for letting us come out to represent Laurentian University and the Sports Administration program.

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