2014Mar 20

@LU_SPAD President Profile – Sean Meyers

1235263_10153274027850517_2064817181_nQ: What are some of your duties as SPAD President? Tell the readers more about your role on council and within the program.

As the President of SPAD, I am responsible for facilitating a strong group of leaders that is this years’ SPAD Student Council. Throughout the year we are responsible for planning all Council run events including: SPAD Frosh Day, the annual trip SPAD students make to Montreal for the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference, SPAD Formal, as well as several other events taking place over the course of the year. In addition, I host monthly meetings with our Council, as well as work on tasks throughout the year including the program’s prestigious “SPAD Wear”. Through my role on the Council, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that the students of SPAD receive the best extra circular experience possible over the course of the year.

Q: Why did you choose to run for this position and what made you want to represent the program as their Student Council President?

During the 2012-2013 school year I served as the Second Year Representative on the SPAD Council. I really enjoyed assuming this role, and decided I wanted to explore a larger role within the program the following year. In talking with upper year students and alumni of SPAD who had been apart of the SPAD Council, they had talked heavily of the benefits and great experience in which the Council experience provided. When the opportunity arose, I immediately knew I wanted to pursue the role of President on the SPAD Student Council. Growing up I’ve striven to become a leader, and SPAD Council President role has not only allowed me to grow as a leader, but it has also allowed me to grow a team of leaders, which is the students within SPAD. I would encourage any first and second year students with the slightest interest in a Council position to take advantage of it, as the experience has been all I could ask for.

Q: Talk about SPAD as a program and your experience in it.

SPAD is a program in which is like no other, offering a balance of both professional business and sport. Being here for just under three years, I have gotten to experience just about all aspects of SPAD with the exception of the fourth year activities. The SPAD community is one of the closest groups of individuals here at Laurentian, compiled of the school’s finest students. SPAD does not only provide its students with the book knowledge in which we need to get our degree over the course of the four years, but also the real life experiences which give us an edge over the competition when we walk out the doors with our degrees.

Q: How has being on council prepared you in any additional way for your upcoming internship as a third year student, and the real world?

Being a part of this year’s Council has provided me with an aspect of professionalism in which will be extremely beneficial moving forward. With internships approaching quickly, the council, along with myself have begun to use our real life business experiences from the year to our advantage. Planning events throughout the year for as many as 400 students at a time, we have gained some invaluable experiences which are great starting points for our future jobs within the business world.

Q: What advice do you have to offer to those applying to SPAD and those coming to the program next year?

With just about a month left in my third year of SPAD, I can honestly say that these have been the best three years of my life. The experience offered not only by SPAD, but also Laurentian University, have been phenomenal. The students and faculty within the Sports Administration program provide each other with the willingness to help and learn which are essential within any educational institution. Being part of such a unique program, students are rewarded with the closeness and understanding of their peer, which other programs cannot offer. SPAD offers a very exciting four years of both sport and business, and I can personally say it is an experience that you will not regret.

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