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@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Diaries from “Smashville” – Brianne Pankoff – Part 2

Brianne Pankoff, 4th year SPAD student, is currently interning with the Nashville Predators of the NHL. In the highly anticipated part 2 of the “Diaries from Smashville”, Brianne has taken the time to discuss the work she is doing while on internship this fall. Brianne gives us a great idea of what responsibilities interns with NHL franchises have. Here is the interview.


Brianne standing in front of Bridgestone Arena, Home of the Nashville Predators!

Q: What is your official position with the Nashville Predators organization?

 BP: I am one of two Corporate Partnerships Interns . I report to the Senior Account Manager and am on the “service” side of Corporate Partners department. On the service side I also help out with Premium Seating and Suites for concerts.

 Q: What are some of your responsibilities and duties in this position?

 BP: On the service side of Corporate Partnerships we execute all of contractual obligations of the partnerships. This means that while the account executives create the partnerships we carry out the things such as activations, signage, giveaways, etc. that were a part of the contract. In addition to implementing these practices, my biggest role would be tracking and recording everything that we do, so that in our mid and end of year reviews we can present to the partners what elements they paid for, and show them the return on those investments. This includes taking pictures before and during games of EVERYTHING sponsored from the rink boards, to the jumbotron, to fans buying concessions, as well as screenshotting social media mentions, and logging tv, radio, and in-arena advertisements.

Q: What have been the most enjoyable parts of your internship so far?

BP: As an intern I’ve been allowed to do some really cool things such as helping out with the season ticket holder party, escorting players for their photo shoots, spend a work day volunteering in the community, and playing the role of a Florida Panthers fan getting kicked out of the arena by our mascot Gnash for a jumbotron feature. I love being involved and getting to try so many things but even just being able to watch hockey or a concert every other night is the best part – regardless of the opponent or artist!

Q: What is it like to be working for a professional hockey team in the NHL? What is the Nashville hockey market like?

BP: Nashville is a non-traditional hockey market so I think the experience here is different from a lot of other teams, and almost polar opposite from my time at MLSE. The office is not only a lot smaller and more tight-knit, but really everything is about the entire experience, not just the hockey aspect. There are so many components that go into a game night from in-arena signage, to ticket deals for college or family nights, to sponsored activations hosting pre-game plaza parties.

Bridgestone Arena gets louder than I could have imagined and although this isn’t a traditional hockey market, the fans LOVE their team. Everyone who comes to the games is wearing some sort of Preds gear, and the crowd has some “interesting” chants to go along with the game, many involving chanting the words “you suck” at the other team. The fans are really passionate and so far it has been a blast to be a part of it.

Q: Have you enjoyed having fellow 4th year SPAD student Robbie McLellan working in the same organization as you?

BP: It helps having someone you know so far away from home as well as to chauffeur me around. It is also is a bonus to have some fellow Canadians in the office to set all the Yankees straight about what the best coffee is and using the metric system.


Helping out in the community, SPAD students love to give back!

Q: What are some things that you learned in the classroom over the course of your SPAD degree that has directly helped you on your internship?

BP: Return on investment! It’s one thing if you can get someone to sponsor you and you fulfill the contract, but you have to be able to bring back proof to your sponsors of why sponsoring you is good for them!

Q: What are you looking forward to over the next few weeks of your internship?

BP: The reigning Stanley Cup Champions the Chicago Blackhawks will be in town November 16th which will be exciting with the division rivalry, and the arena is hosting the Country Music Award’s (CMA’s) in the next few weeks which I will get to work at and am very much looking forward to as a huge country music fan!

We would like to thank Brianne for her contribution to this SPAD Blog article. As always, we understand the time commitment that internships take and are grateful that our friends can take the time out of their busy schedules to talk with us. We look forward to catching up with both Brianne and Robbie in the next few weeks to further discuss the “Diaries from Smashville”.


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