2013Oct 21

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Darby Reive – TrojanOne


Darby (far left) with a group of fellow interns.

Current 4th year SPAD student Darby Reive is working on his internship with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne. He has taken some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few question that we had for him, showcasing his internship and gaining valuable advice for other SPAD students.


Q: What is your title/position with your current internship?

DR: I am an Assistant Analyst with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne.  The Consulting Group works with non-profits, a wide range of sports organizations and entertainment properties to fulfill their sponsorship needs.

Q: What is a typical day with this position like? What are some of your duties and responsibilities?

DR: A typical day for me is divided among tasks related to client projects and administration. Client project tasks take up the majority of my time and vary greatly.  In the same day, I can be conducting a valuation of one client’s sponsor rights fees and later, be responsible for the finishing touches on another client’s final report.  While every project is different, they all require a lot of research and insights on the client before any consulting takes place. It’s cool to have to become an expert on a particular topic or organization or sport in such a short time span.

Administrative tasks are consisted of anything I do to keep the Consulting Group organized. Every other week, I direct a meeting for everyone to be updated on the status of current client and internal projects. I maintain a library of databases, subscriptions, and sponsorship reports and proposals. I’ve also been able to help in the making of a business development plan to focus the Consulting Group on gaining new clients.

Q: What are some of the specific aspects of the SPAD degree that have helped you in this internship?

DR: The case method, which is used in our commerce and SPAD classes, has definitely benefited me.  Every consulting project since the beginning of time resembles the case method, whereby a unique situation has to be studied and presented in a structured report with SMART recommendations.

A large part of TrojanOne’s consulting process involves sponsorship valuation.  My time in Dr. Vincent’s Sport Finance course served me well with valuing rights fees.  Not only was I familiar with TrojanOne’s methods, I was able to offer input on how the process could be adapted to different clients.

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would give to our current SPAD students, looking at applying to internships over the next few months?

DR: Pick something you’re passionate about.

As Mark Harrison, President of TrojanOne, says: “If you’re not willing to spend 30 minutes to an hour of every day reading about your craft, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.”  He was talking about keeping up to date on the latest trends, but for someone looking to apply for internships, I think it can have a different meaning.

Whatever field you decide to go into, whether it be event management, athlete representation, sponsorship, or whatever, it should be something that gets you excited. It should be a part of your life outside of your assigned duties. You don’t want to be a “5pm Clock Watcher” but someone who’s interested enough in their work to take on extra tasks and put in 10, 20, or 30 hours of overtime in a week.

Q: What are some of your goals following graduation from the SPAD and Laurentian University?

DR: #1: Get a job where I can continue to gain experience in any sports-based research or consulting capacity.

#2: Shake Nate Silver’s hand.

#3: Further my education with a master’s degree.

#4: Stay in touch with my SPAD family!

We would like to thank Darby for the time he took to talk with us. Good luck on the rest of your time with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne!



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