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@LU_SPAD in Sochi!

SPAD Alumni, Jamie Howlett, is currently in Sochi working with the Canadian Olympic Committee. He has agreed to work with the blog to give us some insight on his experience at the games! Here is his first of two entries. Enjoy!

Jamie Making Appearing on TV

Jamie Appearing on TV!

Week 1 in Sochi (The First Four Weeks) By Jamie Howlett

First off, what an incredible first week for our Canadian Olympians! As it stands right now, our athletes have us two medals behind the total medal count lead heading full steam into the second half of the games.

For myself and others on our team, the Olympics in Sochi began four weeks ago. Our advanced team came in and immediately hit the ground running preparing and setting up the plans and policies that the Canadian Olympic Committee has been waiting to implement since Sochi was awarded the games 7 years ago. With 145 000 pounds of freight at our disposal, it was time to get to work and set up for our 600 team members working across ten venues in the Sochi area. Through rain (a lot of rain), late nights, and caffeine, all was ready for our 221 athletes representing Canada by their arrival.

On February 7th, from our lounge in the mountain village I watched the Opening Ceremony officially open the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games and my energy level spiked right up. It was time. We were finally going to see how all our hard work would pay off for Team Canada.

For these games I have been based out of the mountain village as our logistics officer, looking over of all the movements of our Olympic team, both people and the equipment needed to have them work/perform at their highest, to our 6 venues in the mountain cluster. Being able to work beside our team, team leaders, coaches, and athletes has been spectacular and hearing the positive feedback directly from those we strive to serve is extremely motivating (the constant winning of medals helps with that too) and gives us the boost to keep pushing through the entire time of competition

During my time in the mountains I was able to find the time and make my way over to the moguls course to experience our Men’s team take 3 of the top 4 spots in the world (and make my Olympic television debut). I will never forget that night, not only because of the history that was made, but while getting texts and tweets from everyone back home all I could think about was how powerful the Olympic Games can be. Having an entire country stop and watch sport for a couple of weeks and celebrate it as a nation is simply incredible. I feel privileged and proud to be part of the Olympics and helping Canada showcase its greatness to the world.

Until next week, stay classy SPAD.

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