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@LU_SPAD Guest Speaker Profile: Mark Cecchetto- Vice President, Marketing Frozen Foods/Pizza at Nestle Canada

By SPAD Blog Contributor Noelle Kelly

image_1On October 28th, Dr. Pegoraro’s second year Sports Marketing class had the pleasure of welcoming former SPAD graduate Mark Cecchetto, the Vice President, Marketing Frozen Foods/Pizza at Nestle Canada. Cecchetto shared his experiences throughout his schooling and the various jobs that got him to where he is today. Mark was in the graduating SPAD class of 1998, and engaged the class with a brief history before getting the class involved in a case study of a real problem facing him in his position at Nestle Canada.

Cecchetto has been with Nestle for 9 years, working as a Marketing Manager for 3 years, Business Development Manager for just under 2 years, Director Channel/Category Development, Nutrition for a year, before finally settling into the Vice President of Marketing Frozen Foods/Pizza. Previous to working at Nestle, he had worked as a Marketing Manager at Weston Bakeries, Accounts Manager at Onyx Marketing Group Inc., and initially started out at Special Olympics Canada, where he did his internship and worked for a year after graduation.

Cecchetto explained to the class the hard work was truly what got him where he is today, starting with the hard work he did to get his first professional job, calling hundreds of companies and getting turned down by all except one where he finally got an interview. He mentioned how he did not know what he would like to do when he started working and worked through a variety of jobs before finding something that he enjoyed. Mark then expressed how important it is to work hard if you want to be successful, and that in a job you do not get a grade, it is pass or fail, and you either get 100% or 0%. If you want to be successful you must give 100%, even if it’s not something you want to do or something that you do not think is important.


Mark answering some questions from the class

In the second part of his talk, Mark got the class involved in a real live problem he was faced with at his job and the steps he had to go through as VP to analyze and solve the problem. He guided the class through a discussion that ended with everyone having an understanding of what the problem was, why it was that way, and how to solve it through adjusting the product, price, and promotion. He engaged the class in a unique and enjoyable way that got everyone involved and gave the students an example of what he has to do as VP of Marketing Frozen Foods/Pizza.

The class was then offered the opportunity to ask questions that allowed Mark to give the class insight on a variety of other topics. This included advice on what he thought was one of the most important things to do in order to be successful: network. Network whenever you have the chance because it can help you in the long run. The people you network with may not get you a job, but they can help you and give you chances that you may not get any other way.

Mark Cecchetto (SPAD 98) gave the second year marketing class a unique learning experience and some advice and knowledge that students do not get every day. On behalf of SPAD we would like to thank him for taking the time to talk to us, and good luck at Nestle!

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