2010Oct 25

Lane MacAdam: SPAD is Unique, Connected and Innovative.

Lane MacAdam (SPAD 1983)

On Saturday night, Laurentian University honoured Lane MacAdam as one of the Top 50 Alumni. SPAD 3rd Year Student Lukas Hayes had the pleasure of asking Lane a few key questions about his time here at LU and SPAD – here is what Lane had to say:

Best memory of SPAD at LU?

I would have to say our 4th year field trip. We travelled to the “Big Apple” and made presentations to IMG, Sports Illustrated, the NJ Devils and the Northlands Coliseum. While it was a little intimidating meeting with some the sport industry’s most prestigious organizations, we showed them that a little program from a small University could play with the best.

Proudest SPAD/LU moment?

While not necessarily a SPAD moment, winning the CIAU national soccer crown certainly ranks as one of my proudest moments at LU. I was co-captain and also named CIAU first team all star. It was a great way to cap off my varsity sport experience at Laurentian.

The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it?

I use the SPAD network almost everyday. Having worked in sport for over 26 years, I cross paths with SPAD grads all the time. We have grads involved in leadership positions in every aspect of sport management, from pro sport to the not for profit world to event management and the business world. The network is very much alive, active and continually growing. I met many current students this past weekend who I am sure to be in touch with again at some point.

Key characteristics needed to succeed in the sports industry (or related industries)?

The number one characteristic is passion. Sport by its very nature elicits passion in people. If you follow your passion, combined with hard work, and patience, good things will come.

Three words to describe SPAD?

  • Unique
  • Connected
  • Innovative

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