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Lady V’s Bring a New Goalie to The Team

Introducing Kailen Jeffries who has newly joined the Laurentian Women’s Varsity hockey team. Kailen recently joined the Lady V’s after the third goalie had stopped being a part of the team. Kailen is 20 years old from a small town called Innisfil, ON. She is in her first year at Laurentian in the Sports Administration program. Before coming to the University she played for the Ottawa Lady Senators in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). Joining a team mid-way through their season can be stressful when everyone on the team already knows each other. Kailen explains her journey with a question and answer process, explaining how her hockey career started with the Laurentian Voyageurs.

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MW: Why did you choose Laurentian University?

KJ: I chose Laurentian because it’s a smaller school, it’s not in a huge city, it’s pretty close to home and the travel from my house is very easy. I also chose Laurentian because of the Sports Administration course as well as the kinesiology courses that they offer. They were the top two choices of programs for me so it would be easily transferrable if I wanted to switch courses at any time.


“when an opportunity came up I had to take it because I knew

that it would probably be my last chance to play university hockey” -KJ

MW: Why did you choose to start practising with the team?

KJ: I chose to start practising with the team because it was always a goal of mine to play on a university hockey team. Growing up I knew there weren’t many options for continuing my hockey career beyond high school. You are given the option to continue to play in university, or if you’re really good, then possibly playing for the National Women’s team or maybe the CWHL/NWHL after finishing university. For me though the only option was to play university hockey. So, in Bantam I began to think seriously about my post-secondary hockey. When it came time to start actually making some decisions about university hockey, I decided that I wanted to take a year off of school and just play hockey and work. One year then turned into two years off and by the end of the two years, and some-what not so good hockey seasons, I ended up not being recruited by any schools and chose university and program over playing hockey. Coming into Laurentian I knew my possibilities of making the team were few to none because I had spoken with the coach and she had told me their goalie situation going into my first year. However, when an opportunity came up I had to take it because I knew that it would probably be my last chance to play university hockey. So, that is why I decided to be the third goalie for the women’s hockey team.

MW: Has being able to play competitive hockey isolated you from being from a small town?

KJ: Yes, I believe it has. I don’t know if I’m a unique situation or not but growing up in Innisfil there were about 5 girls who played hockey at my 2,000-population high school. Due to there not being enough girls for a girl’s hockey team at high school I had the opportunity to play with the boys’ team. So, for grade 11 I played on the boys’ team which I believe isolated me because I don’t think I played against any girls on other boy’s high school hockey teams.

MW: Has joining the Lady V’s mid-way through their season affected you in any way?

KJ: Joining the Lady V’s midway through their season has affected me as joining any well-established team half way into their season would. Trying to learn all the rules and tendencies of the team is hard because everyone assumes you know them already and they may forget that I haven’t been around to learn them. I find myself asking a lot of questions. It also has affected me mentally and physically. Coming off of 4 months of not training or being on the ice regularly and then having to be on the ice 3-4 times a week as well as 2-3 workouts a week has been an adjustment.

MW: Do you find it hard keeping up with you studies and being a part of a varsity team?

KJ: I have found it to be slightly harder to keep up with my studies but not too much of a difference. I am learning to make use of my free time better. I’m not able to pull all-nighters or stay up until 2am to finish projects when I have practice at 7am the next day. I don’t think my studies will be largely affected in the long run.

MW: What were your goals before you started University? What are your goals now being apart of the team?

KJ: My goals before I started University was to attend university and play on their women’s varsity hockey team. That was a goal of mine since I played Bantam hockey. Since being a part of the team my goals have been to show that I am good enough to stay on the team and that I am good enough to compete at this level in hockey games. I look to be on the team next year and hope that through hard work I will be able to make that possible.

Thanks to Kailen for taking the time to talk about her student athlete lifestyle on the Laurentian Women’s hockey team.

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