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Kicking Off a New Academic Year

Hanging out at Real Sports Bar

Hanging out at Real Sports Bar


By SPAD Blogger Ben Roy

SPAD set its sight on a new year with the 3rd annual SPAD Blue Jays Game, a tradition that allows all SPAD students to see familiar faces and to meet new ones.  On the afternoon of August 11, 2012, led by SPAD Student Council members, Frosh and students across all years battled through the rain on an unseasonably wet summer day, and arrived at the Rogers Centre to watch the Jays take on the Yankees.  The game finished 5-2 in favour of New York, but that did not dampen the SPAD spirit as students reunited and, were excited to kick off the coming school year.  After the game, the tradition continued with a lengthy supper at the Real Sports Bar in downtown Toronto where students caught some Olympic action and capped off the day in typical SPAD fashion.  The SPAD Blue Jays Game provides a great atmosphere for the Frosh in attendance to get familiar with the close-knit family that is SPAD at Laurentian University and is a fun way to ease back into the coming school year.  This year’s Blue Jays game demonstrated how vastly the SPAD family extends and the lengths each member will go to come together.

In addition to the Jays Game, the more formal SPAD introduction was this year’s Frosh Day, held on September 7, 2012.  The SPAD Frosh gathered early Friday morning and the day began with an inspiring speech by SPAD Student Council President, Scott Rodgers, giving notice that the 44 first year students were selected from hundreds of applicants.  Other Council members and students followed by introducing themselves, stating their career aspirations, their reasons for selecting SPAD, and each new member of the SPAD family was given a Frosh Day t-shirt.  To lighten the atmosphere, each student told an embarrassing story which certainly made some of them the butt-end of jokes later in the day – all in good spirit, of course!  The Frosh and Council members continued their talks with a pizza lunch, and left for Dodge This! Paintball.

At the paintball park, the Frosh participated in a number of games including capture the flag and elimination (which was dubbed “Hunger Games” -style by a few).  Sidelined students had an opportunity to speak with Council members about their own experiences in SPAD, which eventually led to a deep discussion about internships and then fourth-year field trip.  After a number of particularly keen Frosh finished up their last bout, they headed back to school for a few more light-hearted “get-to-know-you” games.

Locked and loaded for fun

Later in the afternoon, Council members fired up the barbeque for some burgers and hot dogs at the Ben Avery-Ken Banuk Lounge.  At the event, SPAD students from every year, and professors Dr. Anthony Church and Dr. Claude Vincent attended, as well as new professors Dana Ellis and Dr. Byron Eastman.  The event gave a chance for incoming Frosh to network with upper year SPAD students who gave their own personal anecdotes, insight, and advice, as they were in the same position just a few years ago.  As SPAD Student Council Social Covener, Robbie McLellan reiterates, “It was a great bonding experience featuring SPAD students of different years coming together to welcome new classmates at an event that we’re all working towards.”  Welcome to SPAD!

Frosh 2012



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