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Jordan Spadafore – A Tale of Life in Hockey




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By now everyone has seen the scouting report; Tall defensemen with great reach, physical game style, great ability to move the play down the ice, solid hockey vision and a knack for finding his open teammates with the puck. But before leading the Rayside-Balfour Canadians in penalty minutes and assist there was a lot of hard work, support from my love ones and anxious moments along the way. From what came to be know as the story of a good northern boy growing up through the proving grounds that is  hockey.


With Dad







Having separated parents from a young age was difficult, but it added fuel to my fire and helped my compete level. Ever since I can remember my Dad has been my number one fan. He made a point to be at every practice, try-out, training camp, game and tournament he could. Being the only son and having four sisters really helped my old man and I bond. Whether it was fishing, hockey, or even just spending the afternoon together, I knew then like I know now. He has my back.  My first hockey memory was having my dad teach me how to skate on the O.D.R. in Whitefish, I couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. But that’s a memory I’ll hold dear to me for a long time.Jordan little

The Spadafore men have lots of things in common, but over and above all. We love to play a physical brand of hockey. It must run in my genes; my grandpa was a farmer and the toughest guy I know. My dad would tell me about his upbringing and how it shaped his game play; so, I tried to model my game after that and I got quite the reputation in AAA. It’s something else when you go to training camps in Southern Ontario and other guys recognise you. “Hey there’s that tough kid from Sudbury” they would mumble to each other.


My career really took flight when I transition to playing defence in Pee Wee. That’s when my agent Adrian Gedye picked me up. I remember from the first time I met him, that I trusted him to help me on my way. I was getting interest from other agencies out of Toronto and other metropolitan areas, but it felt right to side with someone who was going to be in the North and whom and I had developed a relationship with.

Then, in early April 2016 came on the most exciting days of my hockey career so far, OHL draft day.  Adrian had had lots of conversations with G. M’s and scouts across the league, and I had gotten lots of interest going into tJordan fighthe draft. Emails, phone calls, a hand-full of old school letters. It was a great feeling that everything I worked for was coming to light and I felt recognized. I was projected to go in the 4th or 5th round, the 5th round passed I was a little nervous; then the 6th, 7th and 8th round past. I started sweating, I could feel my dream slipping out of my now clammy hands. So, I did what I felt, I had to do. Got my shorts, shoes and tee on slipped my mp3 in my pocket and just I was about to leave I checked the screen one last time and there is was.” 9th Round pick of the North Bay Battalion, #174 overall Jordan Spadafore” I could not have been more excited. That was the best feeling in the world.  Promptly after the draft the General Manager from North bay gave me a call to congratulate me and invite me to rookie camp. I had a great reception in North bay with promotional events and engagement with fans, signing autographs for kids. I remembered being in their shoes and having the wolves sign my mini-stick and give me a fist bump. It was nice to make their day as Wolves from the past had done for me.

This hockey story has definitely not seen it’s final chapter yet, I’m looking forward to this year’s long playoff run with my NOJHL team. Building off of my performance at last year’s camp for the Battalion and hopefully cracking their opening day roster. Moving forward I’m going to keep working hard and playing my game to try to be drafted into the NHL, with hopes of ultimately making it to the show one day and if not, I’d love to play in Europe or in the ECHL. When asked about pursuing a full-time career in hockey Jordan had this response: “Quite simply Logan, I’m doing something everyday to accomplish my goal” said with his signature smirk

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