2011Nov 17

#JMSM – The Awards Show

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

SPAD at #JMSM 2011

There were some individual performances that really stand out looking back on the weekend. To recap the social aspect of the John Molson Sport Marketing Conference several awards have been given out.

Marathon Man-This award is given to the delegate who displays endurance and perseverance at sampling the fine selection of fermented beverages offered by the kind folk at Molson Breweries. Cassidy Stewart exemplified all characteristics mentioned and is the 2011 JMSM Marathon Man.

High Roller- The SPAD delegates took advantage of everything Montreal has to offer, including its casino. While the majority of the delegates finished in the red, Mr. Brian Kelly beat the odds and came out on top. To the knowledge of none, he won at a game with 45 to 1 odds three times, even though he only played 10 times.

Rookie of the YearKelly Turner was the delegate in particular who came in under the radar to win this prestigious award. Kelly displayed perseverance and the ability to astound his peers. Being bilingual also helped Kelly’s case.

Veteran of the YearJamie Howlett (@_JamieHowlett_) had an exceptional performance at this years JMSM. Jamie has been able to keep up with the times by mastering the art of tweeting at all times, despite turning 22 during the trip. He was able to use his fantastic moustache as an asset by regularly combining a moustache drag with a fist pump on the dance floor. If you cannot visualize it, Jamie will be happy to demonstrate it at Pub on most Wednesdays.

Song of the Year– This award goes to any SPAD student who participated in the group sing-along of California by Wave on the bus from Molson Breweries to the nightclub on Saturday evening. The effort was absolutely flawless and all non-SPAD delegates on the bus were definitely treated to a thing of beauty.

SPAD at #JMSM 2011

Academic of the Year– This was a no brainer. Who else could win this award other than Darby Reive? The man was an integral part of his group who won the case competition that was held by the organizing committee. He was also a very gracious winner, networking with delegates from other teams and congratulating them on their efforts. Physically, Darby won a medal and a handbag, but you can’t put a value on the knowledge he gained by working on the case challenge.

Congratulations to all those who were fortunate enough to win awards. For all those who did not, each one of you still represented SPAD wonderfully.


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