2011Nov 16

#JMSM 2011 – Business at Hand, Sport at Heart

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Tom Wright, Director of UFC Canada

This past weekend, SPAD (@LU_SPAD) took its talents to Montreal to attend the John Molson Sport Marketing Conference. Twenty-two of SPAD’s finest had the pleasure of listening to speeches from sports industry experts, testing their luck at the casino as well as their livers. In true style, the students did a great job in representing our program on all fronts.

The delegates of the conference were treated to speeches by some of the most successful people in the sports industry. Don Meehan, the biggest player agent in the NHL spoke first. Like many in the industry, he stressed that persistence and effort are the most important characteristics of anyone trying to establish themselves in the business. His experience also allowed him to give insight into player contract negotiations that many found interesting.

Early Saturday morning Tom Wright, the director of UFC Canada and former CFL commissioner spoke. Mr. Wright gave an overview of marketing sports as well as compared and contrasted Canada and other global business markets. His impressive resume and experience captured the attention of the room.


#JMSM Panel

The JMSM committee organized a panel of different speakers for the delegates. The panel included Ian Clarke, the CFO of MLSE, Julien Brisebois, the assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Kevin Gilmore, the COO of the Montreal Canadiens and Erin Crowe, the CFO/President of the Ottawa Senators. With so many different backgrounds, it was interesting to see the panel’s responses to various questions asked. The highlight of the panel speakers, had to be a moment that was labeled THE QUESTION for the rest of the weekend. Sunny Pathak (Saturday morning’s speaker) essentially told the CFO of MLSE how terrible the atmosphere at Maple Leafs games is and challenged him to be innovative with game-day promotions and other marketing efforts. It sparked a heated debate between the two, much to the entertainment of the rest of the delegates.

Sunny Pathak, founder of SOS Media gave a very engaging and interacting speech, using twitter to give away prizes. Sunny was arguably the most interesting speaker, as he just entered the sports industry and gave a different perspective on how to be successful in the industry.

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep was the last to speak to the delegates and gave a very motivational speech emphasizing the importance of believing in yourself and hard work. Priscilla can certainly walk the walk as she is training for the 2012 London Olympics only 8 weeks after delivering her first child.

Each speaker was able to offer something different to the delegates. For all those who weren’t able to go this year, make sure you go at some time in your SPAD career, the knowledge and experience gained are invaluable.


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