2011Oct 13

Jessica Taylor SPAD’11 Brings Her Talents to the Argos

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Jess Taylor SPAD'11

Jessica Taylor was asked to provide a brief summary of her experience in SPAD thus far, particularly with respect to her to current position with the Toronto Argonauts. Her story is as follows:

“After graduating from SPAD in June 2011, the question “what am I going to do with my life” kept creeping into my head and only being 22 years old, it’s terrifying to think of your next steps after school. The change from being in SPAD for 4 years to having to be a part of the real world is quite intimidating. You start applying everywhere hoping for something to bite, than one day you catch a break. By using the SPAD network I was able to hear about an opening for a marketing internship at the Argonauts and used that connection to assist with my application. It is amazing the impact your connections can have. This internship has now evolved into a full-time position with the team.

As the Marketing Coordinator with the Argos I assist the Director of Marketing in promotional aspects, game day aspects, and overall event aspects, including the upcoming 100th Grey Cup. I am able to apply concepts and skills learned in SPAD to this position. An example is ideas and thoughts used for our field trip project; I needed to use that same thinking process towards developing ideas to increase single game tickets. All the experiences from SPAD have been truly unique and beneficial for application towards careers. Even after leaving the program, those who are part of your SPAD family will always be there to help.

SPAD Woo!”


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