2010Feb 27

Jenn Callahan, SPAD ’95: Watching Canada Win Gold!!

Jenn & Her Family Cheer for Canada!!

By Jenn Callahan (Waite), SPAD ’95

It’s been a whirlwind tour, sorry it has taken me a few days to provide an update!  Our Olympic experience has been amazing as well as inspiring.

We’ve been to many different venues and have witnessed many Canadian successes.

We witnessed Kevin Martin win over team USA in Curling on day 1.  Then went to a women’s semi final Hockey game against Finland.  On day 2 we traveled on the Olympic bus network to Whistler for Biathlon.  Not sure what we liked more…watching the event, or being part of an intensely multicultural and appreciative crowd!

Day 3 took us to men’s Hockey (the quarter final game) then to Cypress to see women’s Freestyle Aerials finals.  Cypress, after all of the hi‑temp publicity was in amazing shape.  As fans, we loved and appreciated the +8 degree temperatures!

Last night was the highlight though….as we witnesses our Canadian Women beat the USA in the Women’s gold medal hockey game!!  A memory we’ll never forget.  The attached pic was taken by my husband Jim Callahan (LU Comm ’96) of my 2 daughters 8 & 5 and myself at the Gold medal game.

After working and attending the Atlanta ’96 games, I must say that VANOC has done an extraordinary job.  Aside from the Canadian successes we witnessed I was most impressed with the transportation system in place.  After attending seven events thus far…the longest wait we have had was only half an hour.  The majority of times we waited ten mins or less for one of our Skytrains, Seabuses or Buses.

Waits getting into venues have been very good as well.  Once again, half an hour or less.

Over all it has been nothing less than amazing.  My two daughters also now realize that anything is possible…as spoken by Clara Hughes during a small vignette during the women’s game.  They “believe” they can become Olympians should they choose to.  And that’s the biggest win of all.

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