2010Feb 26

Imran Gill: Olympic Fist Bump with Roberto Luongo!!

By Imran Gill, SPAD 2nd Year Student

Imran & the Hockey Super Fan

Another great week at the Olympics! It’s almost as if the city never sleeps (and neither have I). On Tuesday I attended 3 Hockey games at Canada Hockey Place. I had purchased these originally in the lottery about a year ago, and never would have thought Canada would have finished 6th in the round robin. Seeing Team Canada play at home was an experience that cannot be put into words. It was simply phenomenal. It also helped that I had great seats! I was seated right beside the TSN panel’s stage and chatted with them before the warm-ups. I was also right beside the tunnel, and after the game Luongo came up to me and gave me a fist bump after I yelled out his name.

Furthermore, I was seen on TV by friends all over the country during the panel’s pre and post game analysis. I checked my phone after the game and there were about 30 missed texts and calls. What a great day! Definitely worth the price of the tickets. Speaking of the price of tickets, I just sold my Semi-Final Canada vs. Slovakia tickets for $2400!! I was torn on whether I should go or not, but I think it was a smart business decision. I have basically paid for all my other tickets, and had the experience of a lifetime!

Imran & the Olympic Torch

The main media centre has slowed down a bit. Most of the press seem to have mastered the online INFO 2010 system, where all of the Olympic News Service quotes, news articles, press conference highlights etc. are uploaded. Therefore, they don’t seem to be asking as many questions and are not badgering us for official results as often. Also, not as many press conferences are taking place at the MPC now. When they do occur, they are mostly between 10-12 and then again for a few hours in the evening.  Moreover, I was filmed by the IOC during one of my shifts. They just filmed me interacting with the press, helping them find information on INFO and organizing the pigeon holes.

Today I am getting a much needed rest. The Olympic experience is great, but also gets exhausting after a while. I am looking forward to Canada going for Gold tonight, and hope to be celebrating with the rest of the country and the city this weekend.  See you next week LU!

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