2012Nov 27

Hockey at Laurentian Thrives in Spite of the Lockout

North Kariya members (from left to right) Sam Boutillier, Noelle Kelly, Scott Rodgers, and Camille Smith.

By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

Despite an NHL lockout, students at Laurentian University have kept their hockey spirits high with the 2012 SPAD Hockey League, organized by SPAD students Corey Krupa, Keith Martin, Graham Snee and Evan Wallace.  The league, which is in its fourth week, is comprised of roughly 70 players mixed into 4 teams and has become a staple among the events hosted by SPAD every year.  Games are held on Friday afternoons in arenas across Sudbury and players have come to enjoy the flexibility of these time slots, but this year’s organizing team have added additional value to better the experience for the players.

After a great game of hockey, the players have an opportunity to visit The Plaza Hotel in Minnow Lake by Carmichael Arena, a local bar that has agreed to sponsor the event this year.  This new sponsor has teamed up with the organizers to provide players and teams a spot to discuss strategy and recap plays after games, while getting the chance to build camaraderie over beer and wings.  “This year for the SPAD Hockey League we have looked at creating an atmosphere for players by getting sponsorship from a local bar called The Plaza Hotel.  They are offering us great deals and the bar is a great location for all players,” states organizer Evan Wallace.  “By changing the game this year, we’ve hopefully created additional value for our players that will eventually build continuity and growth for the SPAD Hockey League in the coming years, which is the ultimate goal.”

The SPAD Hockey League is home to one SPAD-dominated team: Team White, otherwise known as “North Kariya.”  The team has a record of 0-3, and is led in scoring by newcomer William Kealey who is a first year Sports Psychology student.  His play was unexpected, but his prowess in front of the net and his awareness are two key components to the team’s competitiveness.  To round out the scoring trio this year are third year SPAD students, Brady Scott and Robbie McLellan.  Once again, Bryce Newton is lacing up the pads for the second consecutive year and has shown some progress, making note that he is making more saves and has shown steady improvement since last year.  The remaining players from team “North Kariya” are Samantha Boutilier, Cassidy Stewart, Benoit Roy, Brian Kelly, Ryan Stewart, Connor Stevens, Scott Rodgers, Sean Meyers, Jordan Kozak, Matthew Kennedy, Noelle Kelly, and Camille Smith, most of who are SPAD students.

The SPAD Hockey League is the most successful and popular student-run league at Laurentian University.  As such, the coordinators recognize that although running the event is primarily a learning experience in event management, the leagues long-term sustainability is vital for both future students and for creating revenue for SPAD students’ Fourth Year Consulting Trip.  Evan Wallace knows that “as one of the organizers of the SPAD Hockey League it has been a great experience.  It has taught me a lot, about the logistics of a league, how to be a part of an organizing committee, and what it takes to make it successful.”  We’re confident the organizing team will achieve their goals this year.

The league runs until the end of the academic school year and we’ll inform readers of the triumphs and results of the SPAD Hockey League and team “North Kariya” as they arise.

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