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Happy Holidays from the @LU_SPAD Blog Team

SPADindexNow that exams are finished, students have traveled home and are with their families for the holiday break. We, the SPAD Blog team, wanted to take a minute and reflect on the past year, look forward to the future and wish everyone a fun and relaxing winter break.

Over the past SPAD students have achieved some incredible accomplishments and the program has grown as a whole. Since January 1st, 2013 the following events have taken place within the SPAD family (all of which you can read about on the Blog):

  • 2013 SPAD Hockey Tournament
  • 2013 Suitcase Party
  • 2013 Superbowl Party
  • LU Snow Battle, Yukigassan Sudbury
  • Our very own Darby Reive, Kat Schwabe and Matt Jackowetz competed in the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (Placing 2nd in the undergraduate case competition)
  • 2013 SPAD Dodgeball Tournament
  • 2013 St.SPADdys Day
  • 2013 4th year consulting trip (Miami)
  • 2013 SPAD Alumni Golf Tournament
  • 2013 SPAD Jays Game
  • 2013 SGA Cup (Flag Football)
  • 2013 John Molson Sports Marketing Conference
  • 2013 SGA GC Party (Grey Cup)
  • The first ever 1st year Sports Statistics Poster Day

As well, the students have grown and moved on to the next chapters of the SPAD careers. The 4th year class of 2013 graduated. The 3rd year class of 2013  have completed interniships and have/are returning to Laurentian to complete their degrees. The 2nd year class of 2013 have moved on to third year, taking on leadership roles in the program through running SPAD council and organizing the third year events. The frosh class of 2013 have moved on to the battle of core year. SPAD has also welcomed a new frosh class, full of energetic and enthusiastic student ready to take on the program we all call home.

Looking forward to the future, SPAD looks to have another promising year in 2014. All of the events that took place will be running again, as these events are a staple of the SPAD school year. Growth will continue in each and every SPAD student. Another class will graduate, another class will move on to internships and 4th year and a new frosh class will be welcomed to the program.


SPAD Blog Contributor, Cam Baker.


SPAD Blog Contributor, Kel Turner.

We at the SPAD Blog would like to thank everyone for making this year what is was. From each

and every student, to the professors, alumni who always give back to the program and any

honourary SPAD members that added to making this year on of the best ever. Here’s to making 2014 an even more successful year then 2013. From us to you, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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