2010Feb 17

Great Video from around Vancouver & Olympics

By Shawn Upson, SPAD95

The Controversial Cauldron

As a local paper here reported after day 1 of competition: “Monkey 1, Canada 0”, but no more. The monkey is off our collective backs, the dragon has been slain and every other metaphor has been put to bed because Canada has won a Gold Medal on home soil! Now that’s behind us we can continue racking up the victories. More on the actual medal presentation but first some more scenes from another crazy day in Vancouver.

First order of business for me was to check out the cauldron. If you haven’t heard, there’s quite a bit of controversy about the quantity and distance of protective fencing.

You would think they would at least put a “viewing window” in the fence and let people get some good pictures,. However, given the level of violence that has occurred (if you haven’t seen the protesters smash the windows at said Bay, check it out here) but still, it’s not like there’s a shortage of police or security around that could guard the thing and let people get a little bit closer. There are lots of rumblings that this will be changing in the coming days so stay tuned. I found it interesting that I could smell the torch before I saw it. Also note some my fellow smurf-jackets lingering under the torch, that’s a pretty good gig (but still not as good as being the personal Quatchi escort).
More at Shawn’s blog including video from Bay Store, Live City and musing on why trailers from Florida carry official Olympic Merchandise and when did Tim Horton’s get coffee sleeves.
Thanks Shawn – great stuff!!

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