2010Feb 12

Great Behind Scenes Olympic looks from Shawn Upson, SPAD95

SPAD Alumni Shawn Upson (’95) is in Whistler for the games, you can follow all of his adventures at www.theupsons.net His blog is linked at the right in the Blog Roll and has pictures and video from behind the scenes. Here is an excerpt from Shawn’s Blog:

“I started this journey more than 18 months ago when Shelly and I applied via Monster.com back in June of 08.  Since then I’ve had a very simple Olympic Mandate – “To take in and accomplish as much as humanly possible”.  However, I also have a few specific objectives such as:

1. Meet the Mascots

2. Watch Canada be awarded a Gold Medal, maybe even their first on home soil (and try not to tear up as I hear the anthem)

3. Be downtown watching the Men’s Hockey team win Gold (memories of how crazy Calgary was in ‘02 when the “Red Mile” was born!)

4. Appear on the Colbert Report”

Thanks Shawn for sharing and we look forward to future posts.


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