2010Feb 21

GO CANADA GO – Olympic Hockey Canada vs. USA

As we are getting ready for the big hockey game today – not sure but the game versus the US may have more hype than the medal round games will get – I thought I would share this post from Shawn Upson on the happenings around Game 2 for Canada versus Switzerland. You know – the one that end in the shootout.

Shift 5 at Whistler – Game 2 for Canada

By Shawn Upson, SPAD95

As I said, all eyes were on Game 2 against the Swiss.  There was lots of talk that it was 4 years ago to the day Canada was beaten by Switzerland in a 2-0 upset.  In that game Canada outshot Switzerland 49-18…this time it would be an eerily similar result of 45-20.  The game, however would thankfully have a different outcome.  As I headed out into the village to watch the start of the game there were so many fans, flags, and freaks it was amazing to see.  This one was my favourite – the dude wearing the score clock hat (helmet?) with working goal light.  Gotta get me one of those.

Everyone was feeling pretty confident with Canada up 2-0 in the second period so I headed over to Swiss House (or Maison de la Suisse) to gloat but just as I arrived they tied up the game so I headed back with my tail between my legs.

In the end our boys prevailed and I did return to Maison de la Suisse after and took a bite out of the world’s largest (only?) chocolate Inukshuk, made by Lindt.

Shawn & Chocolate Inukshuk

I can’t imagine how insane things are going to be Sunday afternoon when Canada plays the US in Game 3.  In fact, the press started talking about the US game as soon as this one was finished.  Here’s an interesting article from CTV that explains why it actually might be a good thing if Canada loses to the US.  A bit of proactive damage control to our national pride perhaps?  Can’t wait for Sunday to watch this game.

At the Medals presentation that night I witnessed something that initially confused me.  As I watched the RCMP raise the flags for the 10k biathlon, I was perplexed why there were two flags on a single flag pole (there’s always 3 separate flags in a row for Gold, Silver, Bronze)….

Shawn shares more on his blog – some video too.

Thanks Shawn – Can’t wait for the big game tonight!!! – and your blog posts after to share what it will be like in Vancouver after the game.

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