2015Oct 22

Frosh Day

Frosh DayEvery September, SPAD Students return to Laurentian, excited for the start of what is bound to be yet another incredible year. Returning students catch up with one another, sharing their summer experiences, and soon enough, everyone begins to settle back into a routine. On Friday, September 11, 2015, the SPAD Program welcomed 70 new faces to the SPAD family. The annual SPAD Frosh Day represents the start of a new chapter, a chapter that will surely lead to amazing experiences and lifelong friendships. As per tradition, the SPAD Student Council hosts a day dedicated to the Frosh, which helps them familiarize themselves with not only their own year, but upper years and faculty as well.

The day began at 11:00am at the Ben Avery Soccer Field where SPAD Student Council welcomed 70 frosh to the program, introduced themselves, and gave their biggest pieces of advice. It was then time to give the frosh some SPAD Swag, as they received a SPAD Frosh t-shirt, as well as SPAD branded lanyards. Afterwards, it was time for the frosh to get to know each other with some introductions and icebreakers. Although icebreakers can be embarrassing at the time, the Frosh will surely look back in the future and have a good laugh at some of the events that occurred. Following the icebreakers, it was pizza time, as over 300 slices of Toppers Pizza were devoured by these eager firsts years, it was quite the performance. Once everyone was fed, it was time for some Q and A with Student Council, before heading off to Sudbury Kartway’s. From 2:00pm to 4:00pm the Frosh had the opportunity to bond while racing each other on the track, competing like PGA Pro’s on the putting greens, and smacking home runs in the batting cages. Afterwards, the SPAD Frosh were surprised with some SPAD Shot Glasses before the bus ride back to residence.

Later, after a quick rest in residence, it was time for the frosh to head down to West Residence for the first ever SPAD-wide meet-and-greet dinner. This was an amazing opportunity for frosh to familiarize themselves with SPAD and talk to upper years and faculty. In addition to the wonderful dinner, there was a Toronto Blue Jays 2016 Season Ticket raffle, with the winners being first years Mitchell Peck and Luke Mackrell.

Finally, before the end of this action-packed day, the SPAD Faculty introduced themselves in style, with Dr. Church welcoming everyone back for what is bound to be another great year. A big thank you goes out to Student Council and everyone who made this day possible. For all the SPAD Frosh, I want to welcome you to the SPAD family. Coming to SPAD was the best decision you have ever made!

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