2010Feb 18

Fernandes goes to an Olympic Hockey Game!!

by Fernandes Godomon, 4th year SPAD student

From a visitors’ point, the Olympics have been a great experience; walking around the grounds and on the bus, I heard many good things such as the transportation system was beyond expectations, and traffic was reasonable. The only complaint I heard was about the ticket distribution system for “will calls”; at some ticket booth, people had to wait three hours to get their tickets.

Hockey Fans

After figuring out the transit system, which wasn’t the easiest, I was going to be attending my one and only Olympic event, on Tuesday: women’s hockey, Russia vs. US. I would have liked to attend the men’s hockey game, Canada vs. Norway, but I was not willing to pay $500 for a seat in the nose bleed section.

To get into UBC Thunderbird arena, the screening process was like at an airport, but it was fast. There was a line up that was 100m long and it only took 10 minutes to get in.

Canadian Hockey Fans

After figuring out I was not at an airport, the women’s game was AWESOME!!! My seat was 4 rows away from the top, but it was a lower bowl experience of a NHL arena; the view of the ice was incredible. The game wasn’t sold out, but with American fans and Russian fans plus a great number of Canadian fans, the arena was loud. You would think the makeup of the audience would be mostly Americans, but at least half the audience were Canadians whom were cheering for the Russians. As much as the Canadians were cheering, the Russians could not score and the Americans ended the game with a shutout, 13-0 US.

Well, this was my wonderful experience of the Olympics. I wish it could have lasted longer, but one experience is better than none. Tonight, I will be heading back home and enjoy the experience from there. GO CANADA!

Thanks Fernandes for sending posts about your Olympic experience – you can see more pictures by Fernandes in the SPAD Flickr Photostream

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