2010Feb 16

Fernandes Godomon 4th Year SPAD: Olympics Amazing

By Fernandes Godomon 4th Year SPAD Student
“Finally, I get to write something on the blog. Since I got into Vancouver, I haven’t had the opportunity or time to write something. My adventure out to Vancouver has been awesome, maybe not like the group of SPAD students who drove, but it was my first flight ever.

Fernandes shows his Olympic Spirit

I arrived in Vancouver at 10:15pm (PST) and it’s raining. But, it does not change the vibe and sense of Olympic spirit I felt when I stepped off the plane. The Olympic spirit could be seen everywhere from the staff to the airport itself. The five hour flight and time difference was exhausting, but the feeling of excitement was enough to overcome my tiredness. When leaving the airport, it still didn’t feel like I was really here until I saw something glowing in the distance; it was a giant Olympic ring glowing blue on the side of the highway, then I realized it was not a dream. Although I was tired, I couldn’t go to sleep yet, because it was Chinese New Year eve and a part of my family’s background is Chinese so there was some celebrating to do.

On Monday, we went out onto the Olympic ground. Let’s just say, AMAZING!!! Luckily, it didn’t rain. The weather was a nice, cool 9C which is better than Sudbury’s -20C. There was so many things to see and do such as people ziplining from one end of the street to the other; cauldron at the waterfront; tasting a variety of international food; mascots skating at the public ice rink at Robson Square; steam clock and Jazz player in Gastown and so much more. But, we couldn’t do it all. The line up to the cultural venues was long, especially at Live City. The only negative experience is that we could not get close to the Olympic Flame at the outdoor cauldron. Take the fence down VANOC!

I don’t think I ever walked so much in a day, in my entire life, but it is the only way to see and experience everything. Well, Tuesday is another day. I have to figure out how to use the Skytrain and bus system in Vancouver, which is not as simple as Toronto, so I can get to the only Olympic event I will be attending. I will be at University of British Columbia Thunderbird arena to watch some great women’s hockey, Russia vs US. GO RUSSIA! Don’t worry, I’m still cheering for Canada. EH Oh! CANADA GO!” more pictures from Fernandes in SPAD Flickr Photostream

Hockey House in Vancouver

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