2010Feb 16

Drop the Puck Already!

By David Bedford, SPAD07

As most Canadians would attest, the Olympic Winter Games don’t really start until the Men’s Hockey Tournament gets underway (I am not one of those people, but I am in the minority). Well, today is the day! Get ready Canada!

I have been here more than two weeks now, so even though the Games are only three days old, it seems like I am more than half way to the finish line.

It was great to visit with some of the students I taught last year at LU — Nicole, Dana, Shannon, Reuben, Jarrod, Sean and Lawren. It really brought back for me how much fun I had with them last year. It was a little odd, however, sitting and having cold beers with them. Rather reminds me of beers with my finance prof back when I was a SPAD student, and how it felt odd to me then. I sure hope they enjoyed visiting with me, even if only a little bit, as I enjoyed seeing them.

We will fly the SPAD banner high here in Vancouver, and will share our memories with our SPAD brethren at every opportunity post Games.

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