2010Mar 25

Day 5: SPAD Presents to Stanford University Athletics

SPAD Stanford Group 1

While one SPAD group was winding its way around the Bay to Cal, two other groups were taking a shorter commute from San Jose to Palo Alto to present their projects to Stanford University Athletics. The groups were well received by a large group at Stanford and proceeded to make two very excellent presentations.

The first group made a detailed presentation on a new consumer group for Stanford Athletics. The detail of the analysis and depth of ideas created some interesting questions after the presentation and throughout the day. Erik Foo, Jarrod Copland, Fernandes Godomon, Josh Gelinas and Kory Crawford spoke to a captivated audience for twenty-five minutes before yielding the floor to the second SPAD student group.

SPAD Stanford Group 2

The second group consisting of Sean Hafey, Martin Landry, Danielle Rounsville, John Atherton and Jason Little made a detailed presentation pertaining to social media. This including an in depth analysis of the state of social media in NCAA athletics, professional sport leagues as well as detailed suggestions for the use of social media by Stanford Athletics. Again the audience was very receptive to the to presentation and the ideas. Both presentations and the ability to work for Stanford were great opportunities for SPAD to shine once again.

After the presentations, we had a great lunch on campus followed by an extensive tour of the Stanford Athletics facilities (thanks Kevin Blue). On a beautiful day, it was awesome to spend the day walking around one of the premier university campuses in North America. Great day for SPAD!!

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