2010Oct 21

Dave Bedford: The Power of SPAD

Cole Julien, 3rd Year SPAD student recently had the chance to talk with SPAD Alumni Dave Bedford about his experiences and memories of the SPAD Program here at Laurentian University.

Dave Bedford, SPAD 2007

1) Best memory of SPAD at LU? Proudest SPAD moment?

Interesting question, as I don’t really break out SPAD specifically from Laurentian University in terms of memories.  I guess I would have to say my best memory of SPAD is that in first week of first year I met a classmate named Charles Hamilton, and to this day we are best of friends.  I have two proudest moments — the first is being chosen for the NHL internship in 1980 (only one student per year was chosen) and the second was attending graduation in 2007 with (former SPAD Program Director) Dr. Bob Wanzel in attendance.

2) The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it?

I am constantly in touch with SPAD alumni.  It provides a great network, but more importantly many of my long time friends were part of the SPAD program.

3) Key characteristics needed to succeed in the sports industry (or related industries)?


4) Three words to describe SPAD?


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