2011Sep 26

Conway Fraser & Todd Robson Provide SPAD Students with Food for Thought.

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

Dr. Xiaoyan Xing’s sport media and communications class was pleased to welcome Mr. Conway Fraser and Mr. Todd Robson to the classroom last week. This opportunity allowed for the 3rd year students to gain first hand insight into the media industry, as well as learn some tips that can help them succeed in possible future career paths.

Conway Fraser

Firstly, Conway Fraser is a well-known public relations professional and a media strategy expert. Some of his career highlights include positions as both journalist and producer for the CBC, as well as the president of Fraser Strategies Inc. Our second guest, Todd Robson, is a leading figure in the Northern Ontario news world. As CTV news producer, Robson has been helping bring news from across the country to the Sudbury region for numerous years as well as help to keep a strong sense of community in the Greater Sudbury area by supplying residents with the local stories which affect their daily lives.

Between the two speakers, the SPAD students were able to gain some valuable information about the media, and how to keep them happy. One point emphasized by the pair was – feed the media – literally! They also offered some words of warning for anyone entering the public relations or media industries, “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. “ These revelations were obtained through years of experience in the field, and thanks to @ConwayFraser and  @ToddRobson , the students in SPAD are now able to enter internships and careers with inside knowledge which will help them along their paths.

On behalf of the SPAD community we would like to once again thank Mr. Fraser and Mr. Robson for sharing their valuable experience with the students and helping the SPAD brand become continually stronger.

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