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2017Aug 30

SPAD Internship Profile: Matt Mueller and MLSE

Fourth Year SPAD student Matthew Mueller did his internship with Maple Leafs Sport and Entertainment. Matt, through his busy schedule, was able to give us some insight into his role with MLSE in their Global Partnerships department and took the time to offer up some advice to future and current SPAD students on internship opportunities.

SB: What is it like to be working for MLSE, one of the biggest sports organizations in Canada and even the world? Were and/or are you a fan of any of their sports teams? Is that what drove you to work for them?

MM: Working for MLSE was an all around great experience. It was a tremendous experience to learn first hand from some of the best minds and personalities in the sports and entertainment industry. The great thing about interning with MLSE is that they provide you so many opportunities to be involved and learn about many different aspects of the sports industry. It was both enjoyable and educational to be part of an organization that is so highly regarded within Canada and even around the world. Before my internship I was a fan of their teams, but that is not the only factor that led me to applying to MLSE. Looking at MLSE as a whole, it is obvious that they are an organization that strives to be better every single day. They are a leader in the sports industry and are always looking for the next great idea, which is what drove me to apply for their organization.

SB: Can you give us an idea of what your internship is all about? What are your duties and day-to-day activities?

MM: My internship focused on servicing of MLSE’s partners on a day-to-day basis. My responsibilities varied every day depending on what was taking place over the coming weeks. Some days I would be busy helping plan events, while other days I would be fulfilling partner requests for things such as merchandise or tickets. I also had some regular tasks such as sitting in on status calls with partners.

SB: While you are working is there a sense of pride that comes with working for such a historic team?

MM: There’s definitely a huge sense of pride that comes with working for an organization like MLSE. When you look at their teams, they are so well known and highly regarded within Canada. The Maple Leafs also have such an outstanding and storied history that it is hard not to be proud to work for the organization.

SB: What advice could you give to current SPAD students that will be applying for internships in the future?

MM: One piece of advice I have for SPAD students is to do two different internships if they have the chance. Internships are such a great way to get a first hand learning experience and one of the great things about SPAD is that we are given the opportunity to have two internships. Another piece of advice I have is to apply for one internship in the position you have the most interest in, and another position you know nothing about. Going into the internship period, I could see myself working in partnerships, so it was a great way to “test out” the position and see if I really would like to work in that area. On the other hand, I knew very little about team operations and working for TFC taught me about a side of the industry that we do not learn about in SPAD and that I knew almost nothing about.

SB: What was your favourite or most memorable moment?

MM: It’s hard to pick just one moment; there were so many great experiences throughout my time with MLSE. However, if I had to choose one moment it would probably be GP Summit. GP Summit was an event in which MLSE invites their partners for a one-day conference to hear from leaders in the sports industry. The speakers and panels discussed industry best practices for sports partnerships, as well as the direction they are headed in the future. The day also included the live announcement of Sebastian Giovinco’s MLS MVP award as well as a panel with Brendan Shanahan and Masai Ujiri. Overall, the day was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

SB: What are your future career plans? Has the internship given you any foresight into what you would like to do after graduation?

MM: I am still unsure of what I would like to do in the future, however both of my internships with MLSE definitely opened my eyes to the many options in the industry. It was a great opportunity to see how many different departments and how much work is put in to the day-to-day operations of a professional sports team. Although I don’t know exactly what I would like to do, both the team ops and global partnerships internships were exciting and fun jobs, and I could see myself doing similar positions in the future.

SPAD would like to thank Matt for taking the time to speak to us about his past and current experiences. It is an unbelievable opportunity for our current/prospective students to hear about some of the internships and jobs available to SPAD students.

2015Feb 3

Internship Profile – Shawn Salaj (Montreal Alouettes)

By Blog Contributor Tyler Fitch 

For decades, the Canadian Football League (CFL) has provided Sports Administration students with an opportunity to launch their careers in the sports industry. SPAD Grad Marcel Desjardins began his career as a communications assistant with the CFL League Office, eventually rising the ranks to general manager of the Ottawa REDBLACKS. During the 2014 season, each of the four CFL eastern division teams had a SPAD student working within their organization. Shawn Salaj spent his third consecutive year as a Training Camp Assistant with the Montreal Alouettes, an experience that give him a tremendous amount of practical experience that he hopes to use in the future. We sat down with Shawn to learn more about his job:


Q: Hi Shawn, thank you for taking the time to speak with the SPAD Blog. I understand you are coming off of a busy summer and I’m looking forward to finding out more about your time in the CFL. Can you tell us more about how you obtained the position?

SS – For sure. I actually have a neighbour back in Ottawa who is related to a former SPAD grad who works in football operations for the Montreal Alouettes. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the years and he is actually how I found out about SPAD. Once he found out that I had accepted the offer to enroll in SPAD, he mentioned a training camp assistant position I could apply for if I was looking to gain some experience in the field. I applied for the position after my first year of university and I was lucky enough to get the position. I’ve been going back every year since.
Q: Can you describe an average day on the job?

SS – Basically my main job was to drive players and coaches around. Training camp was held at Bishop’s University which is about two hours outside of Montreal and it was my job to pick people up at the airport in Montreal and bring them out to camp. I also had to drive players to MRI’s if they got injured. When I wasn’t driving, I was just trying to help out with general administration tasks in the office they had set up at the University. That included, handing out room keys and meal cards to players, entering transactions into the database, assembling the players’ season ticket packages, and a lot of other things.


Q:  That’s amazing that you got to be so close with the players. It seems like you put a lot of hours into your job.  What was the greatest challenge that you faced?

SS – The greatest challenge I faced definitely had to be the fact that I had to drive around Montreal every day. Being from Ottawa, I had never driven in Montreal by myself before and now I was responsible for getting players and coaches where they had to be. It definitely took a while to figure out the airport and how to get to parking as well as figuring out how aggressive I had to drive in the city.

Q: Is this a career you could see yourself doing?

SS – I could definitely see myself working in the CFL in some capacity. I love the game and I’ve really enjoyed my years with the Alouettes. I don’t really know what aspect of the business I would like to be involved in down the road because I’ve enjoyed doing everything so far but I would definitely like to work for a CFL organization some day.


Shawn Salaj & I at the conclusion of a 2014 preseason game between the Ottawa REDBLACKS and Montreal Alouettes.

Q: What is the most important tool or skill that you learned in class that helped you succeed in your position?

SS – Honestly, the importance of networking is 100% the most important thing SPAD has taught me. I’ve always been that shy kid so I really had to make an effort to get myself out there and networking. Getting to know people with the Alouettes has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I’ve had the chance to meet some great people over the past few years.


Q: I know you are also passionate about CFL Football. What was the highlight of your respective experiences?

SS – The highlight of my experience would probably have to be when I had the opportunity to drive Chad Johnson this past summer. I just remember picking him up from the airport and there were people lining up to take pictures with him. I also had the chance to buy him McDonald’s which was an honour. Definitely throwing that one on the résumé.


Q: Do you have any advice for SPAD students who are looking to get into the industry?

SS – My advice to SPAD students is to start early. Don’t wait for your fourth year internship to get experience. Apply for positions you may be interested in right now. It’s a great résumé builder and having that experience before your internship could be the difference between landing an internship you really want and having an internship you are not all that interested in.


Thank you for sharing your experiences with the readers about your experience working in the CFL this summer.

2014Mar 14

4th Year @LU_SPAD Students Talk Internships

SPADindexOn February 27th, 2014, 4th year SPAD students took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to 2nd and 3rd year students about their experiences last summer and fall while working on their internships. The students, although approaching the busiest time of a SPAD students 4 year career with field trip, gave back to the younger students looking to complete their own internships over the next 1-2 years. These 4th years talked about their favorite aspects of the internships and gave advice to others about how to be successful while working on an internship. (more…)

2013Dec 13

@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Cam Brooks


Cam Brooks, our very own OUA All-Star in action.

Cam Brooks, 4th year SPAD student and 4th year defense for the Varsity Men’s Soccer team, completed a four month summer internship with XMC Sports and Entertainment from May to August of this year. He then returned to Laurentian for his 4th and final SPAD year and his 4th season as an key contributor to the Men’s Soccer team. He recently talked to us about the Roller Coaster that was his 4th season with the team and his academic aspirations surrounding his final year in SPAD.

Q: First off Cam, congratulations on what is an incredible accomplishment, a 4-time OUA All-Star in as many years. Tells us a bit about the season through your eyes?

CB: Thanks Cam, it was a big honour to be named a first team all-star again this year. It was nice to be rewarded for the hard work that I put in and the excellence that I strive for every single day and in all facets of my life, academically and athletically.


2013Oct 29

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Benoit Roy – TrojanOne/Voyageurs Hockey

803302_10153370399055508_1557649678_nFourth year SPAD student, Benoit Roy, has been very busy over the past six months with two different internships. He has been involved with various organizations during his time here at Laurentian. In May, Benoit began a four-month internship with TrojanOne, where he worked as an Assistant Coordinator.  Furthermore, in September, Benoit began an internship with the Laurentian Voyageurs hockey teams as a member of the “Hockey Operations” crew. The former SPAD Council Vice President has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions, and provide some insight to any student looking to pursue similar internships. We are thrilled to have him back on the blog! Here is the interview:

Q: Hi Benoit, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. You’ve been extremely busy over the past 6 months with a couple of internships. Over the summer, you spent some time working with TrojanOne as an Assistant Coordinator. Can you tell us a little bit about the position you held, and some of your everyday duties with the organization?

BR: Absolutely! At TrojanOne, I was in an interesting situation where I was the first intern to hold the position I was in. I worked directly with President and CEO, Mark Harrison, and I supported the variety of tasks he completed on a regular basis. This included prospecting and developing strategic partnerships for TrojanOne’s sport and cause properties ranging from Rugby Canada to Youth Science Canada. I also assisted the Consulting and Partnership Marketing departments by creating proposals and activations for strategic partners and developing sponsorship prospecting strategies for a variety of properties. In my position, there was a great focus sales and sales administration.

Q: Seems like you had a very rewarding experience! Were there any challenges associated with being the first intern to hold that position?

BR: It was an extremely rewarding position – working with the President of a prominent sport marketing agency, for me, is among the best ways to gain an entry into the industry. Just having an opportunity to witness his work ethic and see how he conducts himself with other industry pros is extremely valuable. However, this did come with some challenges. Working with Mark, I was required to complete work at a high rate which made it difficult to write with significant detail at times. However, the work I was assigned greatly related to the material taught in SPAD which certainly helped. Also, given I was the first intern, there was no past intern I could contact to provide some insight. Despite this, I knew any internship would be challenging and I gladly welcomed this unique challenge.


2013Oct 23

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Diaries from “Smashville” – Brianne Pankoff – Part 2

Brianne Pankoff, 4th year SPAD student, is currently interning with the Nashville Predators of the NHL. In the highly anticipated part 2 of the “Diaries from Smashville”, Brianne has taken the time to discuss the work she is doing while on internship this fall. Brianne gives us a great idea of what responsibilities interns with NHL franchises have. Here is the interview.


Brianne standing in front of Bridgestone Arena, Home of the Nashville Predators!

Q: What is your official position with the Nashville Predators organization?

 BP: I am one of two Corporate Partnerships Interns . I report to the Senior Account Manager and am on the “service” side of Corporate Partners department. On the service side I also help out with Premium Seating and Suites for concerts.

 Q: What are some of your responsibilities and duties in this position?

 BP: On the service side of Corporate Partnerships we execute all of contractual obligations of the partnerships. This means that while the account executives create the partnerships we carry out the things such as activations, signage, giveaways, etc. that were a part of the contract. In addition to implementing these practices, my biggest role would be tracking and recording everything that we do, so that in our mid and end of year reviews we can present to the partners what elements they paid for, and show them the return on those investments. This includes taking pictures before and during games of EVERYTHING sponsored from the rink boards, to the jumbotron, to fans buying concessions, as well as screenshotting social media mentions, and logging tv, radio, and in-arena advertisements.


2013Oct 21

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Darby Reive – TrojanOne


Darby (far left) with a group of fellow interns.

Current 4th year SPAD student Darby Reive is working on his internship with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne. He has taken some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few question that we had for him, showcasing his internship and gaining valuable advice for other SPAD students.


Q: What is your title/position with your current internship?

DR: I am an Assistant Analyst with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne.  The Consulting Group works with non-profits, a wide range of sports organizations and entertainment properties to fulfill their sponsorship needs.

Q: What is a typical day with this position like? What are some of your duties and responsibilities?

DR: A typical day for me is divided among tasks related to client projects and administration. Client project tasks take up the majority of my time and vary greatly.  In the same day, I can be conducting a valuation of one client’s sponsor rights fees and later, be responsible for the finishing touches on another client’s final report.  While every project is different, they all require a lot of research and insights on the client before any consulting takes place. It’s cool to have to become an expert on a particular topic or organization or sport in such a short time span.

Administrative tasks are consisted of anything I do to keep the Consulting Group organized. Every other week, I direct a meeting for everyone to be updated on the status of current client and internal projects. I maintain a library of databases, subscriptions, and sponsorship reports and proposals. I’ve also been able to help in the making of a business development plan to focus the Consulting Group on gaining new clients. (more…)

2013Oct 9

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Scott Rodgers – North Bay Battalion

Fourth year SPADNorth Bay Battalion student, Scott Rodgers, is currently an intern with the recently relocated Ontario Hockey League (OHL) franchise, the North Bay Battalion. After 11 seasons without an OHL team (The North Bay Centennials relocated to Saginaw in 2002), the former Brampton Battalion have relocated to North Bay for the 2013-2014 season. Scott, whose hometown happens to be North Bay, has had the unique opportunity to intern with his hometown team and help with the relocation and revitalization of an OHL franchise in North Bay. He has graciously taken time out of his busy schedule to discuss his fall internship with us.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your internship. What is your official title, duties and responsibilities in working for the North Bay Battalion?

SR: Most of the franchises in the Canadian major junior ice hockey industry employ less than twenty employees in their front offices, and therefore are oftentimes not departmentalized. Thus, interning with the North Bay Battalion involves a wide variety of tasks. Due to renovations being completed in the Battalion arena, Memorial Gardens, the team began their season with 9 games on the road leading up to the home opener on October 11. In the months leading up to the home opener, interning involved much corporate partner development, ticket sales, and public relations amid the relocation from Brampton. However, once October 11th rolls around and the subsequent 33 other home games to follow, interning will involve more event management and the array of responsibilities associated with the hockey operations side of the Battalion organization.


2013Oct 2

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Connor Stevens – Media Relations Intern

Fourth year SPAD student Connor Stevens is currently completing his internship with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL. Connor is working as a Media Relations Intern with the Leafs, one of the most storied franchises in the NHL. We are grateful that Connor has taken some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

photo 1Q: What is it like to be working for the Leafs, one of the biggest sports organizations in the world? What is your experience in hockey? Were you a Leafs fan growing up?

CS: Although it’s only been a few weeks, working as a Media Relations Intern for the Toronto Maple Leafs has been nothing short of an amazing experience. With such a historic franchise, in a hockey crazed city, there is not a day that is the same as the next. My experience in hockey goes as far as when I was a young kid. I grew up playing rep hockey locally in my hometown of Stouffville, Ontario. I currently just play for a beer league team in the summer with all my friends back home and I try to get out as much as possible while up in Sudbury. I have been a lifelong fan of the game and specifically the National Hockey League. I grew up bleeding blue and continue to do so to this day. GO LEAFS GO. 

Q: Can you give us an idea of what your internship is all about? What are your duties and day-to-day activities?

CS: As apart of the media relations team, our job is to build and maintain a relationship between the Toronto media and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Managing radio, print and television interview requests with certain players, coaches and executives with the media are a big part of the everyday duties. On top of that, preparing press releases and arranging stats, game notes and press conferences relate to the everyday duties of the department. During the summer months and leading up to the start of the regular season, the media relations department is required to develop a training camp guide along with a media guide. This has plenty of information that is beneficial to the media such as; up to date player statistics, milestones and records, the history of the team, alumni of the team and a team directory to name a few. Being aware of what is being discussed about the Toronto Maple Leafs throughout the various media outlets is also very important. I can say that the application “tweet deck” is used (more…)

2013Sep 27

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Diaries from “Smashville” – Robbie Mclellan – Part 1

The SPAD Blog and it’s contributors are proud to introduce a new, recurring series to be featured on the site twice a month over the course of the next four months. “Diaries from Smashville” will be a continuous following of the work done by 4th year SPAD Students Robbie Mclellan and Brianne Pankoff, as they complete their internship with the Nashville Predators of the NHL. We begin this journey by speaking to Robbie Mclellan about the start of his internship and his goals for over the next 4 months.

NASH#1Q: What is your official internship title?

RM: I am one of the two Fan Relations Interns that have been brought on by the Nashville Predators this fall.

Q: What are some of your responsibilities as a Fan Relation Intern for the Predators?

RM: Thus far we have been responsible for processing most of the ticket orders and arranging how the tickets will be picked up (Will call, mail, email). We answer the fan line phone an emails and help all Nashville Predator fans with inquiries or complaints they may have. (There have been a few angry Blackhawks fan emails although it may just be Brianne Pankoff using alias accounts).

Q: How have you enjoyed your internship thus far?

RM: The first few weeks of working with the Predator have been great! The team has been really good to me and has been teaching me a lot about the organization and the skills needed to work for an NHL team. It’s been quite an adjustment moving from Canada to the south. To say college football is big down here is an understatement! But I do appreciate their passion for sports in Nashville.

Q:What is it like working for an NHL team, especially being such a big hockey fan?

RM: Hockey has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a Child I hoped to be playing in the show, but as I realized I simply wouldn’t make the cut, I decided to look at other means of being involved with the game later in life. The town and the team that I am working with have been great.